Interfaith dating statistics

The same may hold true for people who are Muslim, Jewish, and any other religion with which they are raised.This can be a difficult and insurmountable problem for people from the same faith as exemplified by the differences between those who are Orthodox versus Conservative Jews, Shiites versus Sunni Muslims and so on.Actually, people who come from different faiths can have successful marriages if they completely explore the important religious issues before they make the final decision to wed.

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If someone is firmly Catholic they may have find Lutheran teachings to be unacceptable.

I have seen many of these types of arrangements succeed quite well.

In answer to the question of whether or not an interfaith marriage can succeed couples must decide what they each can and cannot live with.

Strong commitment on the part of each complicates the questions of how to raise the children, what to do on important holy days, who will go to services and how often and, etc.

This type of gap in thinking and believing complicates relationships with extended family members such as in laws, grand parents and parents.

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