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The person could be a grumpy, mean guy, but the only way to know for sure what the person is like is to get over being shy and approach them.

That person might turn out to be the nicest, kindest person you ever meet.

Our Icebreaker feature helps alleviate the pressure and create a more relaxed online dating experience.

With the Icebreakers feature you can select a pre-written message, a group of singles you are interested in and hit send.

Breaking the ice on dating apps is pretty low-stakes.

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There are two different ways to access the Icebreaker feature on First

Icebreakers are more useful (and less corny) than they sound.

They have just the right amount of creativity and sincerity to get the conversational ball rolling.

Just look for “ICEBREAKER QUESTION” above the message and you’ll know he had a little help.

The Icebreakers you send will also be marked in your matches inbox as well.

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