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Don’t make them figure out what type of work you do – clearly say it.

So a visitor comes in, quickly sees your style and what value you offer, checks out the work, looks at the testimonials, and is sold – the last piece of the puzzle is for them to quickly see what kind of work you can do for them.

The point is, having a great web design portfolio can greatly increase your chances of gaining more work and earning more money.

In the short-attention-span internet age, you need to be able to capture attention and answer the question “why? Otherwise, the visitor will click the back button very quickly. Make the logo representative of your design style and personality, and make the tagline short and descriptive of the value you can give to a potential client. ” or the visitor will bounce outta there quicker than, um, a really bouncy ball. Still, it’s worth mentioning again: the best website don’t mean jack squat if it’s hard to navigate. The easier you make it for a visitor—a prospective client—to be able to contact you, the greater the chance you’ll end up getting his or her work – and get paid. For the non-music readers, a B-side is a tune not good enough to be a “hit” and is delegated to track 2 status on a single (that thing before CDs).

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Use positive action words and keep it shorter rather than longer.

Think about it: if you’re not sure of this new designer and see people raving about the quality of the work, and you see a link going to the website in question to prove that it’s legit rather than a lame fake testimonial, then you’re more likely to take a chance.

That’s what testimonials do to prospective clients – reduce their risk and make them more likely to try you out.

You might be noticing a theme in these tips – make it as easy as possible for the visitor.

And this tip is no different: clearly say what work you’re available for to the prospective client.

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