Heaven match dating service

“It’s a proven fact — the more energy and ways you can get out there and successfully network to reach your goal, the faster your dreams will come true,” she said.

“We are on the same team on this journey, and we will help you help yourself.” Gail is currently taking the names of those who wish to be added to the waiting list for matchmaking services.

“Over the years, we’ve had several marriages and people who have made lasting connections,” Gail said. In the seventh year of my business, I met someone I would definitely call my significant other.

It’s been very, very good for me.” Gail says the real mission of 7 in Heaven is to help serious-minded, quality singles meet in a nice, private atmosphere.

Recently named the Best Dating Service in Long Island, 7 in Heaven hosts no fewer than 15 events per month and is responsible for numerous dates, relationships, and marriages.

If you’re looking to celebrate life and meet others with the same passion for adventure, 7 in Heaven just may be the answer.

Gail consistently uses her voice to encourage singles and support them along every phase of their love journey.

These workshops focus on exploring love languages and answering those questions that often baffle singles when they feel they’ve done everything right and still aren’t making progress.

Dating Coach Heidi Krantz serves as the workshop’s expert and provides down-to-earth advice.

Gail’s daughter Jackie is the head matchmaker and uses her degree in psychology to help singles combat any fears and concerns they may have about dating.

Gail says to be successful, you have to put more effort into reaching your love goals.

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