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when I update the record It performs updation on the above row instead of desired row.

That is, you need to write some code that updates the database with the values in e. You should only modify the underlying Data Source, and then call Grid View1. Q I hope you understand my question, all i need to do is replace the text box controls with a dropdown list when i am editing a row in ... Gridview Update Only Row after indexchanged event I have a gridview with 4 dropdowns per row in the itemtemplate mode.

I want to pick out a piece of data that the Gridview is bound to, but don't know how to go about it. Item') is the container that contains the object that you binded to your grid, so to acces it you use the Data Item, that is the information on your container, this is exactly the data that you binded to, so you can access it making a cast, or with another function explained below.

To acces with a cast: //You get direct access to it, any kind of objects you can do this, but on you own types is better //then use on datarows for example, except if it is a strongtyped row (( //Normally this contaner is 'e.

Work Order Item ID,[tbl Work Order Item]Grade AS Item,[tbl Work Order Item].

To Int32(ID) & "") End Sub Private Sub Execute Non Query(By Val Value As String) Try Using con As New Ole Db Connection(Configuration Manager. Connection String) Dim cmd As New Ole Db Command(Value, con) con.

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