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In America, you hear the following: “You’re cute for an Asian” or “You’re cute for a black guy, an Indian, a Mexican, etc.” It’s as if it were unnatural for any of us to be attractive.White men are universally heralded as God’s gift to man, but only because we make that so.Native bodies as temples that know each other, that recognize the other’s tongue, and stunningly coalesce in empowering ways.Twin hearts soaked with our inimitable culture, dancing in the crystal blue waters with hearts alight.

I came across handsome men of all races throughout campus, from White, to Black, to Hispanic, to Asian, and everyone in between.

On my first night out, I partied in Mango Square in Cebu and surprisingly, numerous guys came up to me (a rarity in the States).

They started talking to me, asking where I was from and how I was liking the Philippines.

When I entered the digital world, I was welcomed by a river of rejection that cut through all politeness, embodied in a sentiment that devalued my existence: “I’m not into Asians.” Grindr is replete with trash, the worst being white men who bluntly reveal their hardline discriminations and “anti”-preferences.

Oftentimes it’s a different mix of “No Blacks, No Fats, No Femmes, No Spice (Latinos), No Rice (Asians),” or for clarity, “NO ASIANS.” I often wonder, “How come everyone that writes this kind of shit happens to be white?

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