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The stages in the process are Storyboarding, Scripting, Screenplay, Animation and Voiceover.At every stage of the process, there is a review option.The length should be ideally decided based on the purpose and audience. We also offer hosting service for an additional fees.We do keep free backup of your video for six months.Our fathers wore out their backs at heavy, senseless labor, pulled their own teeth, lived with massive hemorrhoids.When Grandpa had his heart attack, he took one aspirin and went to bed early”; number 32, “For fear of what it might do to me, you never paid a compliment…”; number 75, “I wasted years in diametrical opposition, thinking you were completely mistaken, and wound up living a life , Herzog’s documentary on his friendship with the brilliant but insanely volatile actor Klaus Kinski.All communications are documented to ensure clarity and future-referencing. In fact most of the illustrations are hand-drawn by our designers.

In an unlikely situation that you are not satisfied and the relationship is not working out, it will be evident quite early.If you go back and change your mind - to make modifications in a production stage, which was previously approved, there may be an extra fees as per the additional effort. We recommend the video to be 30-60 seconds for most cases.However, if you wish to explain a complex business process, presentation or case study; it can take up to 2-3 minutes. If you have specific hosting requirement, we will be happy to guide you.As I’ve said, the Ken I knew could be shouty and terrifying.He once brought me to the verge of tears but was ashamed enough never to do it again.

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