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Because good cyber, like good sex, arises out of a relationship.That relationship might develop over hours or weeks (which is a long time in cyberspace), but it still must develop before the cybersex will be any good.most common questions in my e-mail is some variation on this: "How do I find women to have cybersex with? People still seem to believe the internet is full of millions of lonely, socially inept dweebs desperately masturbating with other lonely, socially inept dweebs pretending to be porn stars. Few writers bother to look beyond the fear to find other stories about sex in virtual spaces.

touch a nerve when I asked where cybersex had gone.

And it doesn't surprise me that the most common story we tell is sex.

I'm just glad it's still out there, and that you have to work a little to find it.

It could just mean you'd rather engage and relate than zombie-out in front of the television.

What people don't realize is that it's hard to find good sex online if you're a woman, and hard to find sex at all if you're a man.

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