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The estimates that hepatitis C is responsible for eight to ten thousand deaths per year.This amount is expected to triple during the next ten years.Kehrer, LTC John Heintz (Peters) and his wife Patricia, Daniel Bodiford, Dr. Kevin Donnelly, Ron Thiel, ”Uncle” Dave Lang, Guy Thisdelle, “Apache” Pat Davis , Frank Darlington, Dave Fitz Gerald and Sandra Tara Balduf (Ane Palmo).: The Double Challenge of HIV/HCV Co-infection APPENDIX G: What is a Clinical Trial? Mazoff, Ph D, Patricia Johnson, and Joan King on behalf of Hep CBC, the Hep CAN list, and the HEPV-L Internet Mailing List.=============================================================== Subject: Part 0: Administrivia Subject: 0.00 Copyright Peppermint Patti’s FAQ V8.3 is copyright 1996-2010 by Dr. Permission is granted to redistribute or quote this document for non-commercial purposes provided that you include an attribution to HEPV-L and Hep CBC, the contact address of This is a document whose development is in progress. Please send suggestions for additions, corrections, or changes privately to the authors (Patricia Johnson) at address .

Much of the information contained in this FAQ was compiled from the varied and personal experiences and opinions on the HEPV-L and Hep CAN mailing lists, and from original research published in the Hopefully, this section will expand to include all of Canada.The reader will also note that there is no list of physicians in the US comparable to the list of Canadian physicians given in Appendix D.It is important to get tested before symptoms occur, to allow for early treatment of the disease before too much damage is done.Among those at greatest risk for hepatitis C are: Hemophiliacs, intravenous drug users, current or past dialysis patients, transfusion/transplant patients, healthcare workers and those engaging in high-risk sexual activities.

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