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Studies from Tinder show that, surprise surpsie, women are far pickier than men are when it comes to online dating.

Men generally "swipe right" on about 80% of female profiles whereas women swipe right on about 15% of male profiles. Well women assume that men are being just as picky as they are....looking at every picture....reading every bio.....looking for any excuse not to swipe right. Eventually, perhaps, you'll fall in love with one of them.

2 - The 2-4 men who said "hi" asked me just after a couple exchanges if "I like to have sex"...... To the desperate ones for sex, you say no and the ones who want to behave like a gentlemen you probably agree to something else outside of the app (coffee, dinner, etc.).

Wherever on the sexuality spectrum you find yourself, using a hookup app for the first time can be a daunting experience.

Now on to part 2, the few guys who do message you just want sex...that's easy. I am coming from Bermuda and there is no one in the "available pool" for my age.

Given that women are only swiping right on about 15% of men, the same small group of guys get most of the matches (80/20 rule) and can afford to be picky and upfront, knowing full well that another girl will come along who will meet their needs. You get out only what you are willing to take from someone else. Eventually, perhaps, you'll fall in love with one of them. If I was in my 20s, Bermuda has plenty of young expats ready to drink their livers out and have fun with you...

In reality, men are playing the numbers game and just swiping right on every girl, hoping to get a few matches along the way. Men complain that they get no matches on tinder and women complain that, when they do get matches, nothing happens. I speak from experience: I moved to Switzerland to be with my fiancee. In fact, the first few months were bloody horrible.

The reality is that if the guy hasn't messaged you after a match he never really found you attractive and you were just part of the number game. that was my plan all along, I do not plan to be home waiting for a Tinder message... I gave up my job, sold my house, put my furniture in a box, booked my flight - then, five days before the move, she dumped me. But in the long run, I honestly think I experienced way more cool stuff than if I'd just moved in with her and lived a boring domestic life as the immigrant husband.

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