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Perhaps you have just started up a new business and are looking to kit out your office ready for your new employees to move in.This can be a very exciting time, but also a critical one, as it can be too easy to go overboard and spend money on things that won’t serve your business.

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Matching storage is available for all of our desk ranges including cupboards, filing cabinets, pedestals and bookcases.

Desks are a fundamental part of any office and it would be almost impossible to run your business without them, but do you know exactly what you need for your specific office?

Do you see a desk as just something with four legs and a wooden surface that's there to dump work-related stuff on?

You need to have room for people to push their chairs back in order to stand up, without crashing into somebody who may be walking past or the desk behind them.

Ideally there should be around three feet of space between the desk and the next nearest piece of office furniture and about three-and-a-half feet of room for the person sitting behind the desk.

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