Facebook mobile news feed not updating

Go to your profile, highlight the More drop-down menu, and choose Likes.From here, unlike anything and everything you don’t want to see in your News Feed.That doesn’t mean they have to clutter up your News Feed though!Go to your friend’s profile and click the “Following” button so that it says “Follow.” Your friend will not get a notification, so don’t worry about them finding out.We don’t think this is necessary unless you enjoyed the rating process.The next trick consists of using a hidden Facebook tool.

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I have reported the problem to fb 7 times atleast but no luck.

The company is constantly updating its system, especially lately, but if you have found that’s not enough, here are a few ways you can help it along. If you don’t want to spend time curating your Facebook account, just do these ones and you should see an improvement in your News Feed’s quality.

Let’s start off with a trick that most Facebook users simply don’t know about.

It has just a few steps and as far as we can tell, it can only be accessed directly from facebook.com/friends/organize.

It essentially detects friends with whom you interact little on the social network and asks if you want to move them into the Acquaintances group, which the News Feed highlights less.

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