Excel 2016 formulas not updating

Besides, this setting only takes effect in the current workbook, so it will not affect other Excel files.And now you will never be bothered by the same problem.In an Excel with plenty of data, it will certainly contain formulas. Other functions also include NOW, TODAY and others.

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But in my experience, I haven’t had this problem with formulas.

But with hundreds of rows of data, this will take forever. The number formatting of all the cells will update. What it does is take all the values from each row and then re-enters them into the cells automatically.

To speed things up, select the column and go to the Data ribbon and click Text to Columns. For this reason, this trick will not work for cells that are formulas.

This is a very important point that you need to be careful.

Your data stored in Excel is certainly the most unique element because no one else has the same data with yours.

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