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“The more a user tips, the more direction over the fights they are afforded,” it adds.Basically, if you want the fighter formerly known as “Krazy Horse” to do a spinning backfist into an Imanari Roll all while flashing the double birds, and you want this enough that you’re willing to pay for it, you could theoretically make that happen.So why do I get the sense that it will take no time at all for people – especially the people who would be drawn to this event in the first place – to start making requests that are much, much dumber than that?Also, is there something a little unsavory about taking fighters on the fringe of the sport, where there’s already a constant sense of creeping financial desperation, and making them do a series of stupid tricks for the promise of online tips? But then, when your show closes with the ring girls pulling a second shift as cam girls, I guess you’ve already decided what kind of night it’s going to be.I’m vaguely familiar with how this business model works on porno webcams (I, uh, read a story on it in once.), but it seems a little different when you apply it to a cage fight between two people trying to hurt each other.The press release would have us believe that this is a feature rather than a bug.Say I was to add that the main event for this thing pits former UFC heavyweight champ Ricco Rodriguez against former UFC middleweight and light heavyweight Alex Nicholson, with everyone’s favorite walking sideshow Charles Bennett in the co-main event. Heck, you think about it that way, maybe this is even slightly overdue.

Say I was to also tell you that, at this event, viewers can watch a free live stream and purchase “tokens” to tip fighters or reward them for hitting certain “fight goals,” similarly to how viewers might entice a webcam model to perform a series of increasingly specific acts. I don’t have to tell you that this is a bad idea, right? In a media environment that seems absolutely committed to trying every possible combination in search of something bizarre or compelling enough to make people stop and pay attention for a few minutes, perhaps a webcam/MMA mash-up event was inevitable.

Stattdessen ensteht dort die „Geschäftsbrücke“, welche künftig die Fußgänger oberirdisch von der Poststraße zum Bahnhof bringt.

Im Vordergrund entsteht ein Gebäude, welches zu einem Primark-Standort in Wuppertal werden wird.

Das weiße Gebäude im Hintergrund links (die ehemalige Bundesbahndirektion) wird währenddessen vom Bauinvestor Clees zu einem Factory-Outlet-Center (FOC) aus- und umgebaut.

Da wir – im Gegensatz zu anderen Seitenbetreibern – die Privatsphäre unserer Mitmenschen achten, sind die Standpunkte und Kameraeinstellungen so gewählt, dass weder Personen noch Kennzeichen von Fahrzeugen erkannt werden können.

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