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Standard image High-resolution image Export Power Point slide First, the fabricated samples were pre-characterized at room temperature by a vector network analyser for both delay lines.

Second, the SAW propagation inside the Al Ga As membrane was measured electrically via the SAW transmission in a delay line and optomechanically at a temperature of 10 K via the deformation potential coupling to individual QDs.

Because of the sensitivity of the SAW propagation to mass loading and surface defects, a study of the SAW propagation within the transferred membrane is crucial, before advancing such devices to more complex systems.

Here we report such a study by analysing the propagation of the wave inside the membrane in the acousto-electric and acousto-optic domains using SAW delay lines and individual QDs, respectively.

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At the interface between the metal and the semiconductor, a strong mechanical bond forms [ 41 ], which is indispensable for faithful transduction of the mechanical deformation into the semiconductor.

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Both effects were recorded in parallel as a function of the applied electrical radio frequency to IDT2: The rf signal transmitted through the membrane was detected at IDT3 in the time domain by a digital oscilloscope.

We determined the time-averaged optomechanical coupling of the QD using optical spectroscopy.

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