Eunhyuk is dating updating advanced guestbook 2 3 3

I know that it sounded like it was a somewhat potential response from either of the two idols agency, plus it was deleted 2 minutes later (according to the article).So for hours, I've waited for an article about the response from the companies about this issue as I am having fun reading the mixed response from K-Pop followers, may it be IU's fans or Super Junior's specifically Eunhyuk.

The picture was to signify that the pajamas that IU wore in the picture with Eunhyuk was the same as the one that she burnt.

By apologizing at the get go, it made the followers of this story to have a calm mind reading this as they did not immediately have doubts about the statement.

As for the explanation by LOEN Entertainment, it was vague and not as detailed which shows that they were not trying to hide something as well as dismissing anything.

I thought that viewer had just read/heard/watched about IU watching porn and that made the viewer disappointed, so I asked.

That viewer just vaguely wrote that it was fresh news along with some more bash towards IU.

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