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As a result, there’s a bit of a cutthroat culture that pervades everything that’s going on.It touches upon everything: professional life, personal life, relationships, etc.

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At first, I figured this was the result of poverty and low-income conditions.It’s certainly not uncommon for friends to lend decent sums of money to each other and for your girlfriend (or some girl you’re seeing) to ask you to borrow 0 (or more) at some random point in your relationship.This is mostly limited to places like Ukraine and Russia and doesn’t happen in the West or even the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia).That’s very different from when I lived and worked in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley, easily making 0,000/year writing software code and being surrounded by similar guys (and gals) who were making the same or more.As of this writing, the median income in Ukraine is something like 0/month. In the other big cities, it’s closer to something like 0/mo.

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