Dtd validating parser

The XML parser reports validation errors in the Parse Errors output of the Load File method.Note The XML parser validates the document or XML string when Lab VIEW loads the document or string.When you work with XML documents, you can use a parser to extract and manipulate data without translating the XML format directly.For example, the Document Object Model (DOM) Core specification defines a programming interface for creating, reading, and manipulating XML documents.The DOM Core specification defines the properties and methods an XML parser must support.

Using a validating parser eliminates the need to create custom validation code for each type of document.

In this case it's probably safest not to use relative URIs in the DTD being parsed.

A well formed XML document can be validated against DTD or Schema.

In the Lab VIEW parser, the external vocabulary can be a Document Type Definition (DTD) or a schema.

Some parsers only parse the XML and do not validate the XML prior to loading the file. A validating parser validates an XML document against a DTD or schema and reports invalid items it finds.

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