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She learned that her counterpart on Earth-Two was saved by a firefighter and raised in an orphanage, while her Earth-S counterpart died in the fire.She also discovered that her sworn enemy of the past, Dark Angel, was in fact the Donna Troy of Earth-Seven, saved from certain death by the Anti-Monitor, just like the Monitor had saved Harbinger.In one of the lives she ended up living, Donna was orphaned by her birth mother, Dorothy Hinckley, a dying unwed teen who had given her up for adoption.After Donna's adoptive father Carl Stacey was killed in a work-related accident, her adoptive mother Fay Stacey gave her up for adoption again, unable to raise the toddler because of mounting expenses. He lived in an adobe home situated on a couple of acres of land near the Rio Grande River.Along with his older brother Xander and older sister Glory, he spent most of his childhood playing outdoors--climbing trees, building forts, and taking care of his menagerie of animals which included: a miniature pot-bellied pig, pygmy goats, dwarf bunnies, chickens, cats, and a dog.Donna remembered being rescued from a fire by the goddess Rhea who, being one of the mythological Titans, brought her to New Cronus and raised her as one of twelve Titan Seeds, orphans from various planets who would have died if Rhea had not saved them.

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Donna voluntarily gave up her powers to prevent this.They used the combined power of their collective faith to open a passageway into another reality, where they would be safe from destruction.Donna was another means to that end, until she was found by the Titans and The Outsiders who restored her true memories. Sparta, who was restored to full mental health and stripped of the bulk of her power, had been made an officer in the Titans of Myth's royal military.Donna became one of the founding members of the Teen Titans, even suggesting the name of the group from a residual memory.She married Terry Long, a college professor, and soon became pregnant.

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