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Based on the measured data, a source characterization model was applied to estimate the methane emission rates from the upwind plants. One rare example is a recent effort to quantify methane emissions from NG-fired power plants and oil refineries ().

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After identifying the facility-introduced plume, the GSV car would pass through the plume multiple times to make repeated samplings.Real-time location of the GSV car was determined by a roof-mounted GPS unit (Model A100 from Hemispheres GNSS, Scottsdale, AZ, USA) with an acquisition frequency of 1 Hz.A portable 3-D sonic anemometer (Model 81000 from R. Young Co., Traverse City, MI, USA) was installed near each visited fertilizer plants in a relatively flat and open location to measure local meteorological conditions (Table ).Local emissions, such as small pipeline leaks, can be identified as small spikes in the data (Figure ).In the data post-processing, elevated mixing ratios due to local emissions were excluded from the analysis, and we focused on the broad plumes.

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