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The exhibit opens with a single case introducing the eight major glassmaking techniques, each with a single example.The most unusual object here is a bowl probably made in Iran in the 9th-10th century which was given as a gift from the ruler of the Turkoman Aq-Koyunlu to the Venetian Signoria in 1472, and later set in a gold and silver mount and placed in the treasury of St. The opaque turquoise blue color of the glass is rare, and the inscription "Khorasan", a region in Northeast Iran where turquoise stone is known to originate, may hint at a past attempt at deception.In light of this, people might feel no need to rush to a new exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art which focuses entirely on glass objects from the Islamic world.

Meanwhile, aside from the rare “art” glass vase, paperweight or museum piece, even our most decorative glassworks are uninspiring and the first museum survey of rare Islamic glass, and contains nearly 160 objects (on loan from 20 institutions) from various regions in the Islamic world, including Egypt, Syria, Syro-Palestine, Iran, Iraq, and Central Asia, dating fre Islamic style.The range of material is thus wide-including a vast array of shapes, styles and colors--unexpectedly so for those of us uninitiated to the variety of techniques in glassmaking.Such marvered trails are usually white, Mosaic glass is manufactured from a time-consuming technique in which long canes of glass, created by gathering glass of different colors around a core, are then sliced to form individual roundels.These slices are then arranged around a mold and heated so they fuse together.

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