Dating your fender by the serial number

The only way to try to narrow the date range of your specific instrument would be to remove the neck and check the butt end of the heel of the neck for a production date, which may be stamped or written there.(If you are not comfortable performing this operation, please use an experienced professional guitar tech in your area).This is the third set of valves I have purchased for my amps from this company , I also have a Marshall TSL 601. To say that Fender is the best known and most successful of all the guitar companies would probably be correct.

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The neck date simply refers to the date that the individual component was produced.

Test it out next time you are checking out a friends guitar collection share the knowledge!

Most notably, production dates have been penciled or stamped on the butt end of the heel of the neck of most guitars and basses.

Not only did Stewart suggest a more suitable valve for the tone I was after, we had a really enjoyable chat and he give me some really useful tips for future fault finding.

Follow your nose and shop here folks, you will not be disappointed!! "The valves for my Vox AC30CC2X arrived next day which was impressive .

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