Dating white pine trees

The trunks of most trees have rings known as growth rings which occur annually, and the counting of these rings provide scientists information about the tree’s estimated age. Whether it’s because it’s outgrown its home or would just look better in a different one, sometimes we have to move our trees.In addition to their great size, Patagonian Cypress trees are some of the oldest trees in the world.One such tree named “Gran Abuelo” has an estimated age of 3,646 years and is the oldest tree in South America.

The oldest individual tree in the world (which is a Great Basin bristlecone pine) is located in the White Mountains of California and is estimated to be 5,066 years old.Trees appeared on Earth millions of years ago and have been an integral part of the diversification of life on earth.Some trees grow to become the largest living organisms in the world such as the giant sequoia.Though these are some of the oldest individual trees in the world, they are technically not the oldest living organisms.There are several clonal colonies — which are made up of genetically identical trees connected by a single root system — that are much older.

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