Dating violence facts and myths

Myth 2 – It really isn’t intimate partner violence when two gay men fight. There is nothing normal or appropriate about intimate partner violence.The vast majority of same-sex relationships are free of abuse.‘Boys being boys’ may have been acceptable on the playground at age six, but when you are adult men with injuries inflicted by your partner, it is neither normal nor acceptable.Myth 3 – The person committing violence is always bigger, stronger, and more “butch,” while victims are always smaller, weaker, and more traditionally feminine.Such myths ignore the realities of same sex relationships.

Domestic violence is a non-discriminatory phenomenon. Batterers come from all walks of life, all racial/ethnic groups, all socioeconomic strata, and all educational levels.The stresses of being without full legal protections and the lack of societal support for their relationships are added stresses for the lesbian or gay relationship.Therefore, lesbians and gay men will not respond to stress in their relationship the same way as heterosexual individuals do.A person who is small, but prone to violence and rage can do a lot of damage to someone who may be taller, heavier, stronger, and non-violent.Size weight, “masculinity”, “femininity” or any other physical attribute or role is not a good indicator of whether a person is a victim or a perpretator of violence, especially considering that intimate partner violence can include emotional, financial, and sexual abuse.

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