Dating vintage boss pedals

If you look even further back to the late 1960s, Uni-Vibe pedals – which were designed to emulate a rotating speaker cabinet but have a chorus-like sound – were used by Jimi Hendrix and plenty of other icons. The circuit is augmented by supremely flexible LFO controls, which vastly broaden the potential for modulation, offering a unique suite of effects beyond the standard sheen of an 80s-style, Boss-like chorus. Digi Tech Luxe Anti-Chorus Polyphonic Detune The Luxe isn’t exactly a chorus pedal in the traditional sense; in fact, Digi Tech even goes so far as to market the device as an “anti-chorus” pedal.

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In this month’s instalment of our ongoing exploration of the most popular pedals on the guitar gear market, we’re taking a look at chorus.

Built around the SSM2040 chip found in the influential Prophet 5 and Octave CAT synths, this 24db/octave, state-variable filter offers envelope filters in UP and DOWN sweeping modes, plus a sensitivity control to adjust how responsive the effect is to how hard you play.

Crucially, the Resotron can also deploy an analog pitch-tracking system to move the cutoff frequency of the filter based on the notes you play rather than how hard you play them.

The TSV808 promises to combine the TS808’s iconic mid-boost with the Jan Ray’s full-range tone and dynamic response.

This all-analogue echo was designed by EHX Deluxe Memory Man and Pigtronix Echolution mastermind Howard Davis.

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