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Despite being half Jewish, I find circumcision completely barbaric, and so did some of the women I spoke with.

While I can understand how it might have been the “clean” thing to do back in the day before running water was a thing, and we were washing ourselves exclusively with lard and lavender, circumcision seems totally unnecessary now.

Anyway, last time I checked men don’t use foreskin to text back.

The look and shape of my penis are nothing more than a part of who I am.

There are as many sexual fantasies and preferences as there are people out there.

When it comes to the male organ, it seems that the majority of women, at least in the US, prefer a circumcised penis mostly for aesthetic reasons.

It’s true that men with uncircumcised penises tend to report a higher degree of sensitivity and more intense orgasms than their trimmed peers.

For many of the women polled, this preference is mostly aesthetic and rooted in familiarity.

For the women out there who have never experienced a penis in its natural state, which includes 22% of our poll, it can be intimidating simply because it’s foreign (metaphorically and probably literally).

No different, really, than the hair on my chest or the mole above my left eyebrow.

The surgery was a success, but doctors said he was still too small to circumcise.

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