Dating someone who is divorced with a child

[Read: How to get a guy to forget his ex and date you instead] #8 His place will remind him *and you* of his ex.If you think he is pretty much set and stable in life, think again. Cooking for your boyfriend in the kitchen where they might have had sex too. Once he introduces you to his family and friends *finally*, be prepared to be scrutinized and compared.So your boyfriend may be divorced, but that doesn’t mean he’s divorced completely from his old life.

He may not feel as excited about the whole idea of marriage, especially after coming off a rough one. The thing is, he might be jaded about the whole thing after what he experienced.While awkward, be polite and learn to set boundaries for yourself and for them as a divorced couple.One or both of them may still be bitter about their past marriage or the divorce. Just remember to be the bigger person and don’t make the situation worse for your guy.Entertain the idea that he may not be too thrilled to integrate you into his circle too soon.He probably expects you to be discreet about your relationship for a while. With being discreet comes social media restrictions.

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