Dating someone abstinent

Being celibate, or rather, abstaining from sex for a period, seems to be a lifestyle choice that many people are making these days in the hopes of strengthening their bonds and building something more wholesome with another individual.

The problem is, you don’t adequately communicate these things to him.

There should be a verbal dialog happening between you and your partner, not just a physical change. What are some things we need to work on during this process?

This open communication should be able to clearly and thoroughly explain to your partner what the goal is so that you’re both actually working towards something, together. Never leave your partner in the dark about something that affects them as well.

It’s clear that when it comes to sex within a partnership, men and women are not always on the same page.

So what does this mean for people who want to abstain from having sex altogether, but already happen to be in a relationship where intercourse is pretty consistent?

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