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I received excactly the same letters and photos that appear on your website so I don't send you them again. Of course you're right and I would like to have children. I'm very sorry Olenka, I was hoping to meet a serious lady !I send you however the photo that appeared on Cupid Sends photos which look like each other from different people, uses friends computer, talks about trust, love and religion, left by Russian man just before the wedding ect... A short while later I received the following response, e-mail addresses have been 'doctored' to protect identity, I would have thought a more apologetic response would have been appropriate to a customer, obviously disappointed to have recently learnt his lady was writing to other men: Please bear in mind that my letter was addressed to Olenka, as Wind Of Love were to subsequently state they merely translate and forward.In the second letter, she started with "darling" and requested help for paying for internet and e-mail services. Intelligent, tender, kind-hearted and of course honest. This (attached) letter received by me last evening was addressed to someone named 'Mike'.From the tone of the letter I could guess that it is a scam and my search on your website confirmed my suspicion. That is why I like you and I see you're a very decent man and I could believe you and rely on your honesty. The letter is familiar to me though because you wrote this very same letter to me on 24 September.We have members right across the UK - from Scotland to Cornwall and everywhere in between.

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I have not yet informed the webmaster about the scammer but intend to do so. About 2 months after completing a profile with Absolute Agency I received an e-mail from Elena Panshina. If this were the case they should have forwarded my letter to Olenka, who are they to involve themselves in the personal communications of 2 of their customers? Who are Wind of Love to decide on Olenka's behalf that I have lost her?

I had a correspondence with a scammer just one month prior to this, so I was aware of her possible intentions. The name of our Airport in Ekaterinburg is Kolzovo. Let me know what do you think about our meeting, I don`t want have more correspondence with you, I want meet with you!!! They didn't translate and forward, they reacted to it, they do not just merely translate and forward, they write letters also: Dear Sir, if you have the problem with the lady, if does not mean that the agency did something wrong - we has been doing our work , people pay us for - translation and forwarding of the letters.

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