Dating site for people with learing disablities

Sadly, many adults, especially older adults, have never been diagnosed with a learning disability.

In fact, the majority of people with learning disabilities are not diagnosed until they reach adulthood (LDA, 1996)Many adults with learning disabilities have difficulty in performing basic everyday living tasks such as shopping, budgeting, filling out a job application form or reading a recipe.

The increased risk is 4-8 times greater for a reading disorder and 5-10 times greater for a math-related disorder, according to the DSM-5.

Other factors that may increase one's risk for a learning disability include premature birth, very low birth weight, the use of nicotine, alcohol, or drugs during pregnancy, and severe deficits in nutrition or exposure to lead in infancy.

Free access to special education for children with disabilities is required in U. public schools under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Treatment may also involve the services of therapists who specialize in particular domains, such as speech and language.

We are committed to the social inclusion for all people with a learning disabilities into mainstream society.For many adults, especially older adults, an accurate diagnosis was unavailable.These individuals were frequently labeled as mentally retarded, written off as being unable to learn, and most passed through the school system without acquiring basic academic skills.Sadly, these feelings of shame often cause the individual to hide their difficulties.Rather than risk being labeled as stupid or accused of being lazy, some adults deny their learning disability as a defense mechanism.

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