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We are introduced to Lina, a woman who loves women but is appalled by the notion of Lesbianism, so she will only kiss her friend – no more. Two sisters: This tells a story comprised of the overlapping sexual encounters of two sisters. The Maja: This tells the story of a painter whose spouse, Maria, won’t allow him to see her naked; she only wants to be with him in the dark.

It’s a great read from a psychological standpoint as the behaviours are quite fascinating. It’s an unusual one because it begins with one character then moves to another and another; the story is told from various perspectives as it develops. It was short and merely consists of a woman recounting her love life to a stranger, after offering him refuge from the titular wind/sand storm. At first sneaking glances at her while she sleeps, he eventually becomes obsessed with her naked form, painting many likenesses of her. A Model: This is the story of a girl who gets a gig as a model and how she slowly discovers her sexuality.

What really sells me on an artist is their live performance.

I watched their performance online of “People Mover” when they were part of the Red Bull 30 Days in LA on Night 17.

However, it could easily have been creepy, had the man come off as predatory. The Woman on the Dunes: I found this one pretty hot. I was immediately turned on when Louis, our protagonist, wandered about some shacks and watched a couple make out.Since I had already been reading erotica, I figured that I might as well use this opportunity to explore Nin’s oeuvre – I had been wanting to ever since watching ‘Henry and June‘.Strangely, I had forgotten that I had already read ‘Little Birds’ a few years ago.Their energy level increased more and more and they were really getting into their characters. They are steadily growing and with their original looks and good music, they have a shot at the top.Check out their website and get a free download of their song “People Mover” Website: Also, check out their song “People Mover” on Youtube!

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