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We will add additional designers as time permits and update these pages often. There is very little information about this company. Several design firms such as Anne Klein contracted with the firm to produce their designs because of the reputation Accessocraft had for quality workmanship. Back to top Arthur Pepper -I have seen different dates for their production 1940s- 1960s and 1950s-1980s -Also known as Mode Art Company, they produced medium to high priced costume jewelry under the name Art Mode Jewelry Creations, Inc.It is believed that they were one of the companies that sold kits to the public. Signature Designs: WWII relief pins, opera glasses, magnifying glasses, buttons, buckles. Back to top Founder: Isaac Manevitz - Born in Egypt and has a showroom in NYC. Figurals and especially fine Victorian and Art Deco replicas were among some of their finest work.The first products offered were vanity sets, a toothbrush and talcum. Avon jewelry was produced by other designers such as Kenneth J. Back to top Annie Venditti - Former professional level figure skater. Various styles included Art Nouveau, Deco and Victorian. Back to top Founder (s): Mc Clelland Barclay 1935 - 1943 -Many jewelry sleuths have spent time trying to decipher the connection if any between this maker and Barclay.In 1954, Avon began it's wildly successful "Avon Calling" ad campaign. Creative jewelry that sold in better department stores. the confusion begins with the company Rice- Weiner. Known for cute as can be sculptural jewelry made from high end colored and clear faceted crystals. Founded by Detroit natives Karen Erickson and Vicki Beamon in the early 1980s. Began designing jewelry after needing jewelry for a fashion show.Back to top Founder (s): Benny [B] Steinberg, Hy Slovitt [S] and Kaslo [K] - New York City-1948 to the early 1980s-BSK manufactured mid-quality costume jewelry that was sold in department stores. Average quality jewelry with enameling and rhinestones. Produced a line of enamel and rhinestone jewelry called "My Fair Lady".Back to top Some of her designs were stamped with the name of the piece.Some Boucher hallmarks include: MB, Marcel Boucher, Marboux, Boucher, Parisina [used for sterling made in Mexico] and Earrite. Usually this mark was accompanied by the Phrygian Cap.This mark is taken from the helmet worn by the French during the Revolution. Founder (s): 1960s - 1970s -Very little is known about this company.

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One of the former owners after leaving Rice- Weiner started Barclay. He studied at several art schools and went on to have his work featured in several magazines. The also work in gold and in 2003 they introduced a diamond collection. I have read that the name Beau Jewels was used by Bowman Foster.

Two collector favorites are the fruit pieces and the forbidden fruit pieces. Mc Connell began a company named the California Perfume Company.

The company's first color catalogue was produced in October of 1906. David company was a small company that produced costume and fine jewelry. This company produced a famous crown pin that is a collectors favorite.

Labre Robyn Rush Cony/Victoria Chico's D'orlan, Dorlan Elsa Freund Mamselle de Passille- Sylvestre Donald Stannard Amazing Adornments presents The History of American and European Costume Jewelry Designers and Manufacturers Including American Modernist Jewelry. Both of these gentlemen worked as salespeople for Monocraft, now known as Monet!

As we find out additional facts and gather additional hallmarks about the designer or manufacturer, we will add them. Theodore's son Paul ran the company until it closed.

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