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I am a software developer who creates everything from games to mobi_..

I would like to write to people who have experience of caring for a dementia sufferer , and who put their life on hold to become the sole carer to their wife / husband or close relative .

I try to be a happy go lucky person who tries to laugh at everything but sometimes it's hard.

I want to share and communicate with anyway and be a friend to anyone who needs one and a friendly ear to listen.

I would love to share my interests, hobbies, culture. My instagram is @coffeekitten5 and feel free to dm me if your interested to be my penpal. ' Life is just a mirror and what you see out there, you must first see inside you ' ' Life diesn't require that we be the best, only that try our best ' am not here for those racists and scammers,am looking for real friends those who will not get tired of replying my mail.i do not care whether you are white or black,all i care is are you GODS you in my inbox I am a 45 year old single Canadian male who enjoys reading and corrasponding with those of similar interests, watching great movies, bowling. I'm quite introverted and struggle to talk to people on my own accord.

The tragedy of life is not death , but what we let die inside us when we live .My website has several ways to connect with other retirees and seniors (not always seniors as I retired at 55, so I am retired, but please don't call me "senior" quite yet.. You can learn about the lives of other seniors around the world, talk daily about everyday happenings, chat about the struggles of senior living, swap jokes and new ideas, and just generally give support and happiness to someone else. You will get updates of new pages when seniors get their story published, and hopefully, you'll add your two cents to their page.There are tidbits and links to other retirement issues too.Senior People Meet relatively easily online nowadays.These senior friendships can be great blessings in each others lives. Senior Pen Pal friendships can bring great friends in life. You'll find many opportunities for senior people to meet others in every issue!

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