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1) 1 Intro Including Private Film, 25 January 1962, Performing At 'Surf Music Night', Hawthorne, Ca: Surfin' 2 From 'One Man's Challenge', Documentary, 28 July 1962: Surfin' Safari 3 'Steve Allen Show'-Us-Tv, 2 March 1963: Surfin' Usa / Things We Did Last Summer 4 'Steve Allen Show'-Us-Tv, 12 March 1964: Surfin' Usa / Fun, Fun, Fun 5 Live At Nbc-Studio, Burbank, Ca, 14 March 1964 (Morning), Taped For Closed-circuit Tv: Fun, Fun, Fun / Long Tall Texan / Little Deuce Coupe / Surfer Girl / Surfin' Usa / Shut Down / In My Room / Papa Oom-Mow-Mow 6 "American Bandstand"-Us-Tv, 14 March 1964 (Evening): Don't Worry Baby / Interview 7 "The Red Skelton Show"- Us-Tv, 12 June 1964: In My Room / I Get Around 8 From The Movie "The Girls On The Beach", Filmed 1964, Released 1965: Little Honda / The Girls On The Beach 9 From The Movie "The Monkey's Uncle", Filmed 1964, Released 1965: The Monkey's Uncle (Teen-Star Annette Funicello Sings Lead) Lead Vocals Annette Funicello 10 "Ed Sullivan Show", Us-Tv, 27 September 1964: I Get Around / Wendy 11 From The "TAMI"-Show, Santa Monica, Ca, 28 October 1964, Filmed For US-Cinemas: Surfin' Usa / I Get Around / Surfer Girl / Dance, Dance, Dance 12 "Ready Steady Go" Uk-Tv, 6 November 1964: I Get Around / When I Grow Up (To Be A Man) 13 "Shindig! Party Out Of Bounds THE B-52s LIVE AT ROCKPALAST Westphalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany MAY 15, 1983 PRO-SHOT, 32 MINUTES, A- THIS SHOW IS ALSO SOMETIMES REFERRED TO AS ROCKPOP TO AVOID CONFUSION, IT'S THE SAME SHOW, Track list: 1.

Sloop John B Good Vibrations God Only Knows Barbara Ann Mike Douglas Show April 1, 1969: I Can Hear Music Never Learn Not To Love Beat Club June 3, 1969: Break Away Surfin' USA Good Vibrations Break Away I Can Hear Music Cottonfields Mike Douglas Show July 8, 1969: Break Away Celebrate The News David Frost Show July 30, 1969: Break Away BEACH BOYS RARE 2DVD The Beach Boys A Long Promised Road 1961-1966 (DVD Anthology Vol.

Also 2 full shows from Black Flag (Mike Muirs house, Venice, CA 1983, 14 minutes, A- AND at The Stone, San Francisco 1984, 80-minutes, A-), plus Venom live at the Hultsfred Festival 2002, Hultsfred, Sweden Pro-shot, 52 minutes, Grade ATotal time of disc = 3 hours.45 GRAVE HOLLYWOOD, CA, OCTOBER 28, 1989 PENIS FLY TRAP, LA, CA, OCTOBER 2000 NON (Boyd Rice), 120 minutes, A-7 SECONDS LIVE AT EMO'S, AUSTIN, TX 10/30/94, AUDIENCE, A- vhs only at this time AC/DC BBC Sight & Sound, London, England" Let There Be Rock" Tour October 29, 1977Set list: Let There Be Rock Problem Child Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be Whole Lotta Rosie Bad Boy Boogie Rocker Encore: T.

Show 1988GG & the Disappointments Upstate New York 4-19-89 & at the Populas Pudding, Connecticut 4-89GG Spoken Word @ the Primal Plunge, Boston, MA 5-5-89GG & the Toilet Rockers @ Exit, Chicago, IL 1-5-89GG w/ Beautiful Bert @ the Odd Rock Cafe 1989GG TV News Clips from the Milwaukee Court Trial GG Collage "My Prison Walls - 206045"GG & Antiseen Studio Rehearsal, Charlotte, NC 1991GG Acoustic Songs from "Carnival of Excess" 1991GG "Terror in America" Collage GG ALLIN: OUTLAW SCUMFUC (EARLY GG COMP) C /B- (SEE PUNK DVDs PAGE FOR DESCRIPTION)GG ALLIN: DEFECATION AND DESTRUCTION COMPILATION 130 MINUTES, B GG ALLIN AND THE TOILET ROCKERS LIVE AT THE ODD ROCK CAFE, PLUS NEWS CLIPS FROM GG'S COURT TRIAL IN 1991. GG ALLIN: PRIMAL PLUNGE COMPILATION includes Plunge Spoken Word in Boston 05/05/89 (13 minutes, A-) Asbury Park, NJ 08/28/91 (70 minutes, A-) Pre-Space 12/07/91 (9 minutes, B ) Space Chase 12/07/91, 27 minutes, B total time = 119 minutes GG ALLIN: RARE Double KILL GONZO, Khyber Pass, PA 8-29-91 and Beowulf NYC 8-31-91 62 minutes, A-GG ALLIN: TV TALK SHOW APPEARANCES AND JANE WHITNEY 7/16/93, 125 MINUTES, A GG ALLIN WITH DEE DEE RAMONE, Tin Pan Alley Studios, NYC 11/1/91, 92 minutes, A- GG ALLIN: Bleedin Drinkin Stinkin, pro-comp with menu, mostly A-includes Extended version of "Bleedin Stinkin Drinkin" 1991 includes BLEEDIN' STINKIN' DRINKIN' (Extended GG Acoustic Session) PLUS New Orleans Interview, LA 02-15-92, Run time: 20 Minutes, Santa Barbara, CA 09-25-91, Run time: 29 Minutes, The Warehouse, Chicago, IL 11-15-86, Run time: 5 Minutes, Merle Allin's Apartment 94, Run time: 5 Minutes GG ALLIN: Aids Brigade. 08-27-89, A-.includes: Intro (6 minutes, A), GG & Merle acoustic rehearsal (17 minutes, A-/B ), Full band rehearsal (32 minutes, A-/B ), (some of the footage is dark but still good)MARC ALMOND (of SOFT CELL) La Edad de Oro, Madrid, 4th December 1984Pro-shot, 85 minutes, Grade A [*PAL*]Set list:01.

Roam THE B-52s LIVE AT ROCKPALAST Westphalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany May 15, 1983 Live 1983 Set list: 1.

17) Strobe Light18) Rock Lobster3) Berklee Performance Center, Boston, MA 1979 PLUS 1983 Toad's, New Haven, CT [2-on-1 CD]total runtime: 76 minutes, A- / B Both very strong sets Berklee Performance Center Boston, MA USAAugust 24, 1979(opener for Talking Heads)SBD, , A-1979 Boston Set list: 01: 52 Girls 02: 6060-842 03: Lava 04: Private Idaho 05: The Devil's in my Car 06: Dance this Mess Around 07: Runnin' Around 08: Rock Lobster 09: encore: Strobe Light TOAD'S PLACENew Haven, CT USA1983 (1st 7 songs only, exact date unknown)Audience, , B 1983 Toad's Place Set list:10: Song for a Future Generation11: Strobe Light12: Give Me Back My Man13: Planet Claire14: Butterbean15: Queen of Las Vegas16: Whammy Kiss4) Minneapolis, MNOctober 4, 1979Excellent audience recording, 12 trx/, A- / ASet list:01) Planet Claire02) 52 Girls03) 6060-84204) Devil's In My Car05) Hero Worship06) Lava07) There's A Moon in the Sky (Called the Moon)08) Runnin' Around09) Dance This Mess Around10) Rock Lobster11) Strobe Light12) Private Idaho5) Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA Ocober 9, 1980 Audience, 17 trx/, A-Set list:01) Lava02) Give Me Back My Man03) 6060-84204) Devil in My Car05) 52 Girls06) Quiche Lorraine07) Dirty Back Road08) Private Idaho09) Strobe Light10) Runnin' Around11) Dance This Mess Around12) Planet Claire13) Party Out of Bounds14) Dance This Mess Around15) Rock Lobster16) Private Idaho17) Strobe Light6) US Festival '83 Devore, CAFriday, September 3, 1982Audience, 12 trx, A- / ASet list:01) Party Out of Bounds02) Give Me Back My Man03) Planet Claire04) Throw That Beat in the Garbage Can05) Lava06) Mesopotamia07) 6060-842 / Big Bird08) 52 Girls09) Dance This Mess Around10) Private Idaho11) Rock Lobster12) Strobe Light7) Jamaica November 26, 1982 aka Freeport Zone World Music Festival SBD, 10 trx, , A Set list:1) Party Gone Out of Bounds2) Give Me Back My Man3) Planet Claire4) Throw That Beat in the Garbage Can5) Lava6) Mesopotamia7) 6060-8428) 52 Girls9) Dance This Mess Around10) Rock Lobster8) ATLANTA 2000SBD, 14 trx, , ASet list:01) Is that You Mo-Dean? 1984 (audience, 33 minutes, B )BIG COUNTRY December 31, 1983 Live New Years Eve Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland Pro-shot, A [highly recommended, and one of the best shows I've ever seen]BIG COUNTRY December 31, 1983 Live New Year's Eve Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland Set list:01 1000 Stars 02 Angle Park 03 Close Action 04 Lost Patrol 05 Wonderland 06 The Storm 07 Dundonald & Dysart Pipe Band Sequence 08 Porrohman 09 Chance 10 Inwards 11 Fields Of Fire BIG COUNTRY Ultimate Collection 24 promo music videos from BC, Pro-shot, 103 minutes, A [*PAL*]Track listing:1. Joey Demento AMERICAN BANDSTAND - JNEW YEAR'S DAY 1983 Original broadcast show from January 1st, 1983with Adam Ant (performs "Goody Two Shoes"). Full episode including all of the original commercials from 1983. Virus Meadow AND ALSO THE TREES Hamburg, Germany, February 13, 1994, 93 minutes, Pro-shot, A-, PLUS LUsine, Geneva, Switzerland, December 2003, pro-shot, aka Further from the Truth, A, 67 minutes, PLUS videos for Untangled Man, 21 York St., Hard Stone Day, Grade ASet list:01. V/A 198's0 FLEXI-VISION MINIMAL SYNTH DVD COMPILATION [2DVD SET] MENU. (1987)Oviforma Sei : Telepo Peter Baumann : Repeat Repeat (1981)Portion Control : Chew You to Bits (1983)Prothese (pre-Front 242 project of Daniel Bressanutti) : Operating Tracks (1981)Rheingold : Computerbeat (1984)Second Decay : Der Nerv (band started 1985, song released 1995)SSQ : Crying in My Pillow (1983)Stress : Tear It Down (1985)The Droids : The Force (1976)Tik & Tok : Science Laboratory Mime (1983)The Twins : A Desert Place (1981)Tuxedomoon : Jinx (1981)Yello : Gluehead (1980)PLUS KORG SYNTH GALLERY EXTRASDVD TWOTrack listing: Pink Industry : What I Wouldn't Give (1985)Mike Batt : Love Makes You Crazy (1983)Hard Corps : Je Suis Passee (1985)Das Kabinette - The Cabinet (1983)Our Daughters Wedding : Target For Life (Live) (1981)Tara Cross : PK-15 (1988)Elegant Machinery : Hard to Handle (1993)Cielo : Cielo No Futuro (2002)Njumannen : Hoss Minimalists : Stand Up Robert Marlow : The Face of Dorian Gray (1983)Krisma : Many Kisses (1980)Smersh : Black on White Pink ? COMPILATION OF BANDS LIKE TIK & TOK, IKO 83, FAD GADGET, ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL, SECTION 25, SSQ, MANY MORE Pro-shot, Pro-menus, 58 videos, 4 full hours, 240 minutes, Grade A [NTSC]DVD ONETrack listing:2 1 : Super Szucar Absolute Body Control : Clouds (Eat This) (1983)Basking Sharks : New Industry (1981)Ciaran Hate : Love Is Strange (1980)El Aviador Dro : Nuclear, Si (1982) / Laser (1983)Fad Gadget : Coitus Interruptus (1980)Frank Chickens : We Are Ninja (1984)Gerry The Holograms (1979)Iko '83 : Radioactive Mist (1982)Kas Product : Peep Freak (1986)Los Inciados : Marca de Anubis (1982)The Spoons : Nova Heart (1982)O. (1984)Rheingold : Fan Fan Fanatic (1982)Dave Ball (pre-Soft Cell) : Cleansing Fanatic (1979)Glamour for Evening : Shut Up (1982)Prothese : Controversy Between (1981)Liaisons Dangereuses : Cap Quadrat (1981)A Man of Science : A Day at Work Section 25 : Inspiration (1984)SSQ (Stacey Q) : Synthicide (1984)Peter Baumann : Strangers in the Night (1983)Shock (Tik & Tok) : Dynamo Beat (1981) / Vile Bodies (1984)I Start Counting : Million Headed Monster (1989)Portion Control : The Great Divide (1985)League of Nations : Fade (1984)Boyd Rice / Frank Tovey : Closing Excerpt (1981) 45 GRAVE 80s Compilation, 125 minutes, quality varies, some B-, but mostly A-/A (quality varies but still the ultimate 45 Grave Comp) [highly recommended]45 GRAVE COMPILATION DVDquality improves dramatically further into dvd"Partytime" 1983 promo (pro-shot, b-)"Evil" (pro-shot, b-)From 1984, 4-song Live Setin Los Angeles, (audience, b-) "45 Grave", "Phantoms", a non-lp track, & "Slice 'O Life"45 GRAVELive in Huntington Beach, CA 1981 (pro-shot, 42 minutes, A-)"Evil" (1988 live, pro-shot, A-)"Wax" (1980, live on New Wave Theatre, pro-shot, A )"Black Cross" (1981, live on New Wave Theatre, pro-shot, A )45 GRAVELive in Hollywood, October 28, 1989 (audience, 59 minutes, A) [see also Penis Flytrap]45 GRAVE Huntington Beach 1981, 43 minutes, A-. Live Skull Set list:01 Sparky 02 Swingtime 03 W/The Light 04 Fort Belvedere 05 Wallow In It 06 Debbie's Headache 07 I'll Break You 08 Raise The Manifestation 9 Bell Shaped Heads 10 The Loved One 11 5-D PLUS BONUSA FLOCK OF SEAGULLS 1983 BBC Sight & Sound TV Program from 1983 Regal Theatre, Hitchin in Herts Pro, 38 minutes, A [*PAL*]A Flock of Seagulls [PAL] DVD BBC Sight & Sound In Concert 1983 01.

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