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By releasing previews for their latest albums on You Tube and putting them up for purchase digitally on i Tunes, they create an environment where they can entirely forego the need for a middleman and market directly to the fans who love them and the followers who appreciate them.

While the idea is still pretty new with no particular formula for success, online marketing for musicians has sprouted in all directions in the little time that it has been there.

They allow you to filter your choices and the braveless or attached is eliminated. I sincerely hope that their profiles are not placed due to peer pressure.

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However, offering up a social media platform as a means to stay in touch with your favorite celebs, doesn't always end in failure. Subconsciously, I know we wouldn't last due to her hectic work schedule. It is just that the 'good' guys have already been snatched up.My Space is one of the most popular social networking sites online. As we live on this internet age, they meet the online dating services.Low response rate: Given the cynical nature of people these days, I am not surprised that response rate is pathetically low. )Eventually, I finally got a response from a Thai after 'canvassing' 20 people for a week plus.

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