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Here we go again, I thought wearily as I scrolled past this tired line in yet another Facebook post by a sighted person.Here is yet another non-disabled person using blindness, that infamous limiter, to boost motivation levels while simultaneously shaming any sighted person who has accomplished less than any given blind person. What is it about the “If a blind person could do it…” reasoning that makes me feel both belittled and misrepresented?She has starred in a documentary, travelled Europe on her own and is currently teaching herself to sew.

I hope you chase your dreams because you desperately want to, and not because some blind person did it first and inadvertently shamed you into it.If my blind friend spends years practicing her jewellery design craft, making use of existing talent and working hard to improve, none of those efforts matter because if she can design beautiful jewellery, anyone can. ” Hollow admiration when you deconstruct it, since the reason I had already accomplished as much as I had by high school graduation was due to a combination of gifts I was born with and hard work I’d put in to get where I was.After my high school valedictorian speech, a sighted stranger turned to their companion and whispered “If she can learn to speak like that and accomplish so much… The glaring flaw in this backhanded compliment is enough to make me shed a despairing tear or two.The logic of this idea states that sighted people should use us as a way to stem the tide of excuses they use to get out of everyday tasks like cleaning, cooking and working out.If a blind person gets up every morning and gets these done, that must mean sighted people have no excuse at all, despite any challenges they might be facing.

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