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Have women ever been honest about their intentions?Do you expect them to tell you that they just want to fuck?I've smashed a few chicks that I've met from the site. Filipino cupid, Colombian cupid, etc), Badoo, local sites, etc tend to pay off way more for me and are a lot more straight forward.You know what they want and they know what you want.- I send them an innocent request asking if they know of any cool bars or places to check out, which Roosh suggests.And if they reply enthusiastically, like asking me curious questions or even inviting me to hang out, then I respond to those.

Sometimes they tell me they have a boyfriend, but he's ok with it or other times she says something like "not all of them are jealous.

i get a lot of responses on the site so i have to be judicious with who i pick to go out with.

And for the most part, the method i outlined is quite effective.

Hey everyone, I'm new here but I have been using the forum as a resource for hooking up abroad.

I bought Roosh's Bang Poland book and -- lo and behold -- I am now in Poland. The response rate is usually pretty high and the girls are enthusiastic about meeting foreigners.

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