Contacts on blackberry not updating

If there was something I wanted to keep long term, I powered up Outlook and got it.

This puts it into Outlook and then I can delete it from my BB.

Existing Speed Dial contacts can also be removed from the contextual menu. Speed up navigation within Contacts by tapping and scrolling down the row of letters on the right side. Contact information spread between different social networks can be linked together so all of their information is found in one place - just tap the Links icon at the bottom of the contact card. Filter the which network's contacts you're viewing by tapping the icon in the bottom-left. Tap on a contact's address to launch into Black Berry Maps and navigate to their location.

From Black Berry Maps, mark them as favorites under My Maps for easy future access.

Outlook was set to delete the email from my account immediately (although IIRC, I still had to delete from my BB). it's a pop3 probably want to switch to using imap on the desktop and setup BIS on the handheld so you only sync email wirelessly via imapthen when you delete it deletes from the server and outlook has a local copy that's updated as well when it updates next What I don't understand is why doesn't the Blackberry Desktop Manager sync the e-mail properly when I sync the Blackberry to the pc?

Is there a way to configure it so deleted mail on one device will be deleted on the other?

Select "Contacts"All contacts from Blackberry Work should now be synced!

I just inherited an Exchange 2003 and Blackberry Enterprise Server environment. Users with newer Blackberry's (8800 & Pearl) do get contacts synchronized with their Blackberrry's.

The issue is that users with older Blackberry's,(7100 & 7200) do not get contacts synchronized with their Blackberry's.

I apologize if this has been answered before, but I couldn't find anything definitive.

I've got a pop3 email account setup on a Blackberry using BIS.

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