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overground sprint training Pereyra, Yvette (2016) Uranium-series and strontium isotope ratios in soils from Basse-Terre Island, French Guadeloupe: Insights for rapid soil formation and impact of dust in a tropical volcanic setting Perez, Annalisa (2016) Environmental dynamics: A compendium of rhetorical application Perez, Luis G (2016) Application of secondary analyses on industrial data sets Perez Solis, Oscar Antonio (2016) Design and evaluation of the impact of a multi-agent control system (framework) applied to a social setting Phan, Linda (2016) An investigation of motor speech and motor limb movements following a sport-related concussion - An extension study Phillips, Matthew Robert (2016) And second comes the son Pickles, Daniel (2016) The 100 precepts of Orran Dain Pipkin, Joseph A (2016) Examination of the rewarding effects of nicotine and the negative effects of withdrawal in a rodent model of diabetes Polanco, Gloria (2016) Isolation, characterization, and comparative proteomic analysis of extracellular vesicles from prostate cancer-derived cell lines Pownuk, Andrew (2016) Combining interval and probabilistic uncertainty in engineering applications Rahman, Mohammad Arifur (2016) An a posteriori error estimator for the C0 Interior Penalty Approximations of Fourth Order Elliptic Boundary Value Problem on Quadrilateral Meshes Ramirez, Arturo (2016) Geology, geochemistry, and 3D geological modelling of the Independencia - Los Bancos Ag-Au epithermal vein systems in the Palmarejo District, Chihuahua, Mexico Ramirez, Felix Alan (2016) Tectonostratigraphic evolution of a suprasalt minibasin, Oligocene - Miocene western slope of the Gulf of Mexico Ramirez Giron, Oscar Daniel (2016) Evaluation of point of use reverse osmosis systems for drinking water in colonias Ranadive, Dilata (2016) Financial decision-making and the normalization of deviance Ray, Stephanie (2016) National evaluation for development and exploration potential of mineral commodities in produced waters Renteria Marquez, Ivan Arturo (2016) Modeling of Piezoelectric Traveling Wave Rotary Ultrasonic Motors with the finite volume method Reyes, Nidia Mariana (2016) Construcción de subjetividades identitarias y su relación espacial: tres representaciones teatrales del feminicidio en Ciudad Juárez Reyes, Stephanie Marie (2016) Examining the role of threat processing in memory consolidation and prejudice formation Reyna Cruz, Joaquin Andres (2016) A semantically-enabled trust model for collaborative environments Rios Ibanez, Ana Cecilia (2016) Microstructural characterization of high velocity oxy fuel coatings of Inconel 718 and iron aluminides Rivas, Guillermo (2016) The persistent fear of crime in a safe metropolitan area: The continual impact of social disorganization Robledo, Gerard Stephen (2016) La Gente Entre Nosotros / The People Between Us Rocha Gutierrez, Carmen Raquel (2016) Improving the engineering properties of PLA for 3D printing and beyond Rodriguez, Gabriela Itzel (2016) The effect of a fluent signing narrator on children's behavior during technology-enhanced shared reading with children with hearing loss and their parents Rodriguez Murillo, Marco Antonio (2016) Hagiografía del fuego Rodriguez, Victor L.

Correa (2016) Induction of angiogenesis in interconnected 3D printed Ti-6Al-4V foams with hydrogel matrix for biomedical bone replacement implants Romano-Meade, Aaron Joseph (2016) Meet Me at the Liberty Tree: Book I Romero, Ricardo A (2016) Bang for our buck: American foreign aid, foreign policy, and democratic diffusion Ross, Jecoa L (2016) "Only steers and queers come from Texas": The Texas sodomy statutes and the making of an other, 1860-1973 Rubio, Ernesto Javier (2016) Intrinsic and metal-doped gallium oxide based high-temperature oxygen sensors for combustion processes Saavedra, Juan Alejandro (2016) An effective and optimal quality control approach for green energy manufacturing using design of experiments framework and evolutionary algorithm Sajquim de Torres, Maria del Carmen (2016) Becoming resilient: A positive deviance inquiry into the resilience of Mexican immigrant women Salinas Lopez, Silvia (2016) A comparison of the 2013 AHA/ACC/TOS guideline for the management of overweight and obesity in adults to clinical outcomes of a Promotora-Led Mi Corazon Mi Comunidad intervention among Hispanics Salome, Melanie Rebecca (2016) A critical analysis of the rhetoric of education reform in the United States Sanchez, Luis Eduardo (2016) Development and testing of oxygen/methane torch igniter technologies for propulsion systems Sanchez, Maria Cristal (2016) Effects of controlled-whole body vibration training on reducing risk of falls in people with multiple sclerosis Sandford, Heather (2016) Nutrition knowledge among a predominantly Hispanic college population Sarkar, Sayan (2016) Essays in accounting and finance Sarker, Rashedul Hasan MD.

Munoz, Jessica Molinar (2015) A positive deviance inquiry on communicative acts and behaviors that enable working mothers to breastfeed Munoz, Jose J (2015) Effects of controlled whole-body vibration training on reducing risk of falls among young adults with obesity Murga Torres, Oscar Alejandro (2015) E-quality design of experiments for structural electronics Najera, Aryzbe (2015) Effect of Si substrate orientation on the quality of Cd Te selective growth on Si(111) and Si(211) substrates via closed-space sublimation (CSS) without the use of a mask Navariz, Danielle Nicole (2015) Examining teachers' acceptance and use of mobile applications and i Pads in instruction through the technology acceptance model: A mixed methods study Nelson, Timothy E (2015) The significance of the Afro-Frontier in American history Blackdom, barratry, and bawdyhouses in the borderlands 1900 - 1930 Neria, Adon Lee (2015) Re-specifying the Sacred Values Scale Neupane, Arjun Sharma (2015) Crustal structure beneath the eastern Nepal Himalayas and southern Tibet from receiver function analysis Nicholas-Donald, Aurelia (2015) The economic worth of cloud computing adoption: A financial analysis Nugent, Tafari A (2015) An El Paso Odyssey Nunez, Oscar Roberto (2015) Mechanical and optical characterization of tungsten oxynitride (W-O-N) nano-coatings Nweke, Kenechukwu D (2015) The Nigerian economy and the Dutch Disease Ochoa, Olga Lizbeth (2015) Keep your head up: Building life skills in youth for social reintegration and success O'Meara, Alex (2015) The End of Celebrity Ontiveros, Cynthia Christina (2015) Latina/o high school students' standpoint on environmental justice in a border community: A phenomenological study Ortiz, Alma Lucia Leanos (2015) Thermal shock studies on carbon-carbon composites: Experimentation and analysis Palakurthi, Praveen Kumar (2015) Low power design techniques for data acquisition Pando, Miriam (2015) Sexual self-esteem and its relation to substance use and sexual risk in a sample of Latino men who have sex with men and who are living with HIV Pant, Mohan (2015) Receiver function analysis to study the crustal structure of Northern Nepal and Tibetan plateau Pappu, Chandra Sekhar (2015) Synchronization of bistatic radar using chaotic amplitude and frequency modulated signals Parra Reyes, Fernando (2015) Enterprise systems, information security management systems and their impact on enterprise risk: A 3-essay dissertation Perea, Roberto A (2015) High Performance Computing in Air Quality Modeling and their Applications Pereda, Levi Alonso (2015) Reliability and sensitivity analysis for micro-meteoroids and orbital debris protection models using first-order reliability methods (FORM) Perez, Chanel A (2015) A tectonic analysis on the central region of the Himalaya collision zone using double difference tomography Perez, Lauren Elizabeth (2015) Rare pride campaigns: Evaluating participatory communication in conservation efforts throughout Indonesia Perez, Maria (2015) Associations between measures of obesity and arterial stiffness of young Hispanic men Pfirman, John (2015) Does knowledge of concussion symptoms influence an athlete's self-report of history of concussion across age groups?

Pierce, Marisa Elva (2015) Student experiences in college readiness programs: A phenomenological study Polo, Jose E.

S.-Mexico Border Community Andrade, Salvador Canales (2018) Improving Time-of-flight and Other Depth Images: Super-resolution and Denoising Using Variational Methods Arciniega Aguilar, Jose Luis (2018) Effects of Gradation and Moisture Content on Resistivity of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall Backfill Materials Asiri, Ohood Omar H (2018) Anaphora Resolution in Spanish-English L2 Learners An Analysis of Different Discourse Context Avila, Mayra Lizette (2018) La Pena Negra: Mexican Women, Gender, and Labor During the Bracero Program, 1942-1964 Ayivor, Fredrick (2018) Integrated Statistical and Machine Learning Algorithms for Predicting and Classifying G Protein-Coupled Receptors Barraza, Elisa Guadalupe (2018) Speech Recognition in Noise Performance in Younger and Older Spanish-English Bilinguals' L1 And L2 Barros, Luiza Helena (2018) Influence of Mix Design Parameters on Performance of Balanced Asphalt Concrete Mixtures Bean, Maranda Lee (2018) A Mixed Finite Element Method for the Coupling of Linear Elasticity and Stokes Flow Benhumea, Alejandro Emmanuel (2018) Effects of Increasing Deciduous Shrub Litter on Ecosystem Functioning in Alpine Tundra Bhat, Deeksha Seetharama (2018) Assessing Performance of Detectors of High Frequency Oscillations in EEG Signals Bird, Nestor Javier Bonilla (2018) Insights into the Interaction of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles with Sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.): The Role of Lignin on Copper Uptake and Translocation Borges, Adonis de Carvalho (2018) The Impact of Animacy and Positioning on the Production of Second Language Referring Expressions Bustamante, Arturo Schiaffino (2018) Data-driven Predictive Framework for Modeling Complex Multi-physics Engineering Applications Cabrera, Diana Alejandra (2018) Assessing Corrosivity of Galvanized Soil Reinforcements from Electrochemical Tests Campos, Jorge Luis Navarrete (2018) Evaluation of Recycled Gypsum Application Dosages to Enhance the Water Infiltration Rate at Water Retention Ponds Cappelle, Malynda Aragon (2018) High Recovery Inland Desalination: A Technical and Economic Performance Evaluation of Zero Discharge Desalination and Other Technologies Carre, Jessica Rose (2018) Differentiating Darkness: Decision-making Differences Between Psychopathy and Machiavellianism Carrera, Diana Berenice Montes (2018) Constitutive Model Development for Additive Manufacturing Castro, Joel Gerardo (2018) A Machine Learning Approach to Rendering 3D Stratigraphic Models of the Hueco Bolson, Western Texas and Northern Mexico Cervantes, Jose Pablo (2018) Gravitational Analysis and Fault Identification Within an Active Rift Basin: The Mesilla Valley Bolson in Western Texas - Southern New Mexico Chacon-Robles, Brenda (2018) Improving Instructional Leadership: A Multi-Case Study Perspectives on Formal Evaluations Chowdhury, Arifur Rahim (2018) Design and Experimental Study of a High Pressure and Supercritical Methane-Oxygen Burner Chugh, Srishti (2018) Photo-induced Charge Transport in Graphene and Semiconducting WSe2 Integrated with Zero-dimensional Materials for Enhancing Optoelectronic Device Characteristics Clark, Katherine Susan (2018) The Professional Identities of Child and Youth Program Assistants (CYPAs) at a Military Installationtation Costa, Matthew A (2018) Trace Metal and Metalloid Behavior in the Submicron Scale Components of Coal Fly Ashes: Insights From Combined Microscopic and Microbiological Studies Coviello, James C (2018) ' Framing' Equity: Using Frame Analysis to Explore Superintendents' Attempts to Implement Policies for Equity Crain, Grace Margaret (2018) Biologically Available Phosphorus in Biocrust-dominated Soils of the Chihuahuan Desert Crisafulli, Joseph Anthony (2018) The Sitting Bull Cruz, Bryan (2018) Insulin Modulates the Strong Reinforcing Effects of Nicotine and Changes in Insulin Biomarkers in a Rodent Model of Diabetes Curtis, Cassandra N (2018) The Validation of a Screening Instrument for Preschool-Aged Children in El Paso Curtis, Shelby Rae (2018) Differentiating Hostility and Indifference: Motive Autonomy as a Circumplex Moderator Dane'el, Mosi Ijumaa Staudt (2018) Nutrition Label Accuracy and the Theory of Triadic Influence: The Impact of Knowledge on Healthy Food Choices in a Predominantly Hispanic Sample Deng, Chaoyi (2018) Variety-dependent Physiologic and Biochemical Effects of Copper Nano Particles on Rosie and Green Bok Choy (Brassica rapa) Phenotypes de Roos, Melissa Samantha (2018) Empowerment or Threat: Perceptions of Childhood Sexual Abuse in the #Metoo Era Desai, Jay Amrish (2018) Heterogeneous Integration of Metallic, Semiconducting and Dielectric Two-dimensional Layered Material Inks for Electronics and Sensing Device Platforms Dey, Sumi (2018) Forecasting Space Weather Using Deep Learning Techniques Diedrich, Brian (2018) Policy Mediation and Curricular Integration in a Texas Charter School Dinh, Nguyen-chau (2018) The Efficacy of Baby Sign Language in Reducing Problem Behaviors in Typically Developing Children Dziedzorm, Felix Ziwu (2018) Geophysical Investigations of Southcentral Alaska Elicerio, Victor Fernando (2018) Additive Manufacturing of Energy Harvesting Material System for Active Wireless MEMS Escajeda, Alejandra (2018) Utilization of Digital Image Correlation Technique in Asphalt Testing Espitia, Jose Ali (2018) The Hierarchical Structure of Nanoporous Carbon Electrode Materials Elucidated by Water Sorption: A Comparison of Multiple Structural Models Falcon, Jennifer Andrea (2018) Rethinking Multimodality in First-Year Composition: Applying Theories of Digital Rhetoric, Procedural Rhetoric, and Electracy to Multimodal Assignments Ferguson, Robert Edwin (2018) Combustion Joining of Regolith Tiles for the Construction of Launch and Landing Pads on the Moon and Mars Fernando, Dimuthu (2018) Hierarchical Multiplicity Control Methods for Linear Models Fleming, Zachariah Fleming (2018) Geometry, Timing, and Kinematics of Neogene Extensional and Transtensional Structures of Southern Death Valley: Implications for Regional Reconstructions and a Corrective Method for Rigid Body Rotations Flores Ramirez, Francisco Javier (2018) Fluoxetine Exposure Results in Decreased Sensitivity to Cocaine and Sucrose Later in Life: A Study in Female C57BL/6 Mice Foli, Sophia Korkor (2018) Backward Elimination Algorithm for High Dimensional Variable Screening Frietze, Gabriel A (2018) Factors that Influence the Perceived Risk of Driving under the Influence of Small Amounts of Marijuana and Alcohol (DUI-SAMA) Fuentes, Maria De Los Angeles (2018) Environmental and Genetic Factors Affecting Antibiotic Resistance of Extended Spectrum β-Lactamase Bacteria from the Rio Grande River in El Paso, TX and CD.

Juarez, Mexico Galindo, Perla Molina (2018) Emotional Directives of Legal Status Changes: A Study on Immigration Status Grants Gao, Xiang (2018) Stock Repurchases as the Earnings Management: An Unintended Consequence of the 2003 Dividend Tax Cut Garcia, Enrique David (2018) Detection of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in the Rio Grande and Their Effects on a Model Aquatic Invertebrate (Rotifera, Monogononta: Plationus Patulus) Garcia, Marilyn (2018) The Paradoxical Experiences of Young Hispanic College Students: Academic Success in the Face of Age-Related Stigma Garcia, Sara Raquel (2018) Investigating the Role of PARP-1 in HIV-1 Replication Garza, Kayla Rochelle (2018) Birds and Vegetation Structure of Isolated Juniper and Oak Communities in the Trans-Pecos Chihuahuan Desert Gholamy, Afshin Gholamy (2018) Back Calculation of Intelligent Compaction Data for Mechanical Properties of Soil System Gomez, Ninive (2018) Auditory Selective Attention Performance in Older and Younger Bilingual Adults Gonzales, Fayon Kamieka (2018) Comparison of Stride Length and Stride Frequency Patterns of Sprint Performance in Overground vs Motorized Treadmill Sprinting Gonzalez, Armando Stuart (2018) Communication Barriers between Patients and Healthcare Providers Regarding Disclosure of Herbal Product Use Gonzalez, Juan Francisco (2018) Interference Analysis and Mitigation of Telemetry (TM) and 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Systems in Adjacent Spectrum Bands Gonzalez, Nathalie (2018) Acculturation, Biculturalism, and Familistic Cultural Values' Relationship With Latino Mental Health Granger, Jessica Marie (2018) Deep Down Graves, Emily Jo (2018) Investigating the 2016 Jackson, Wyoming Earthquake Sequence Using Waveform Cross-Correlation and Seismic Array Methods Green, Joshua Taylor (2018) A New Approach to Multiplanar, Real-time Simulation of Physiological Knee Loads and Synthetic Knee Components Augmented by Local Composition Control in Fused Filament Fabrication Grisi, Kate C (2018) Attributes of the Fisher Valley Megaflap and Comparison to the Gypsum Valley Megaflap, Paradox Basin, Utah and Colorado: Implications for Controls on Megaflap Formation Guerrero, Myra (2018) Evaluating Fold and Thrust Systems Within an Inverted Basin: Indio Mounntains, West Texas Handrop, Jennifer Lynn (2018) "Ok Girls, the FBI Is Here- Look Your Best!

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Mc Dermott, Benjamin R (2015) Pre-service elementary teachers' affective dispositions toward mathematics Medina, Arturo (2015) Simulation of infiltrating rate driven by surface tension-viscosity of liquid elements from the titanium group into a packed bed Medina, Maria Fernanda (2015) Phylogeny and systematics of Panaspis and Afroablepharus skinks (Squamata: Scincidae) in the savannas of sub-Saharan Africa Melendez, Gerardo (2015) Predicting irrigation efficiency in the Rio Grande project Melendez, Salvador (2015) Computation offloading decisions for reducing completion time Mendez, Guadalupe (2015) Damas y caballeros Metta, Nathalie (2015) On the path to multi-electron redox chemistry with bimetallic systems Miramontes, Alejandro (2015) Alternative fatigue cracking resistance assessment criteria of asphalt mixtures with overlay tester Mohamed, Diaaeldin Mostafa Ibrahim (2015) Optimization and Characterization of High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Sprayed Coatings Mora, Luis Angel (2015) Bayesian adaptive penalized splines in nonparametric regression and in spectral time series analysis Moreno, Stephanie (2015) Identification of a novel phosphoserine site on Crk L regulated by interleukin-2 and protein phosphatase-1 Morris, Joshua Logan (2015) AC-susceptibility investigations of superspin blocking and freezing in interacting magnetic nanoparticle ensembles Moussa, Mohamad Medhat (2015) When can the primitive element be written as a sum of two algebraic elements adjoined to the field of the rational numbers Munoz, Donna Lynn (2015) El momento en que...

y más allá Colección de crónicas Aalipur Hafshejani, Behzad (2016) A new test for the mean vector in high dimensional setting Abdoh, Hussein Ali Ahmad (2016) Product market competition, corporate investments and risk Abedin, Faisal (2016) Studying grazing behavior of Cafeteria roenbergensis with two-photon microscopy Abeywardhana, Jayalath Abeywardhana Mudiyanselage Madawa (2016) Molecular dynamics proxy applications for optimizing performance of simulations under extreme conditions Aboud, Jad Gerges (2016) Design of a thermal management system for an oxy-methane direct power extraction combustor Abu, Saiful (2016) Forecasting customer electricity load demand in the power trading agent competition using machine learning Abushalah, Yousf Milad (2016) Seismic modeling, rock physics, avo and seismic attribute analysis for illuminating sandstone facies of the Late Ordovic Ian Mamuniyat Reservoir, R-Field, Murzuq Basin-Libya Acosta, Igi G (2016) Bio-politics of state repression: A case study of the Indignados social movement in Ciudad Juárez, México Acosta-Zamora, Arturo (2016) Flame front structures studies of highly turbulent reacting flow over a backward facing step using KHz OH-CH planar laser induced fluorescence Adleman, Sarah Abigail (2016) Echoes Agee, Nikki A (2016) Animating composition: 3D computer-generated imaging & technical communication classes Aguila, Andrea (2016) Prevalence of dental caries in Mexican-American children and adolescents attending Rawlings Dental Pediatric Clinic in El Paso, Texas Aguilera, Efrain (2016) Creating multi-functional g-code for multi-process additive manufacturing Aguilera, Juan (2016) Prevalence of risk factors for metabolic syndrome in uninsured Hispanic adults from low income communities in El Paso, Texas Akundi, Satya Aditya (2016) Information entropy measures applied to hierarchial complex technical and soci-technical systems Alaniz-Bouqayes, Nora (2016) Mapping decisions of reporting asset misappropriation within an accounting department using behavioral, cognitive, and cultural traits Alexander, Olga (2016) A mother's love: A personal journey of self-discovery, self-love and unyielding perseverance Alvarez, Cesar Alberto (2016) Treatment of dissolved metals for direct potable reuse Alvarez, Miriam Josephine (2016) The impact of bicultural identity on perceptions of self-efficacy Anchondo-Rivera, Anessa (2016) Esta con la partera: A qualitative feminist perspective of women's birthing experiences in El Paso Texas Apodaca, Suzanne Annette (2016) Modulation of the physiological and biochemical effects of copper nanoparticles in kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) by kinetin Aquilina, Susannah Estelle (2016) Art, culture making, and representation as resistance in the life of Manuel Gregorio Acosta Aranda, Gissel Pryscilla (2016) The role of the dopamine/ecdysteroid receptor Dop Ec R in ethanol induced behavioral disinhibition Arendt, Christina Lee (2016) Fiberglass goes green: Developing phosphate glass for use in biodegradable composites Arteaga, Uriel Brian (2016) Influnce of the stress path, moisture, and fine content on permanent deformation of geomaterials Avila, Jose Antonio (2016) Dielectric prism antenna Avila, Victor Manuel (2016) Geophysical constraints on the Hueco and Mesilla Bolsons: Structure and geometry Azani, Paola (2016) Effects of fabrication conditions on mechanical properties of Ti-6Al-4V fabricated by powder bed fusion additive manufacturing Bailey, Callum Peter (2016) G-code generation for multi-process 3D printing Balal Varnosfaderani, Esmaeil (2016) A discretionary lane changing decision model based on fuzzy inference system Balcazar Soto, Paola Nayeli (2016) Development of a measure of positive and negative aspects of dog owners' attachment to their pets Banuelos Chacon, Luis Carlos (2016) High fidelity localization and sensing for cattle analytics Barrios, Ana Cecilia (2016) Effects of citric acid coated and uncoated cerium oxide nanoparticles in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) plants Beltran Valenzuela, Jorge Alberto (2016) Improving construction quality of pavement geomaterial layers using intelligent compaction data Bergersen, Eric (2016) Geochemical signatures as a chemostratigraphic tool to correlate stacked carbonates of the Glorieta, Victorio Peak, Cutoff, and Upper San Andres Formations West Dog Canyon, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico Berry, Eric Alan (2016) A spatially variant metamaterial design process for transformation electromagnetic devices Bezares-Cruz, Juan Cesar (2016) Environmenal impact assessment and removal of endocrine disrupting compounds in municipal wastewater treatment Bhatta, Surendra (2016) DFT study on the structure and properties of [email protected] 68 Bianco, Shannon Lee (2016) Raising Ebenezer Bolotaulo, Duer (2016) Synthesis and characterization of uranyl dipyrrin complexes for environmental applications Bonilla Yanez, Mar Alejandra (2016) The effect of a fluent signing narrator on quality of maternal behavior during E-Book shared reading interactions with their children with hearing loss Boppana, Sreekara Charith (2016) Design of experiments-based SCARA robot parameter evaluation for embedding electronics into 3D print Brito, Rene Alfredo (2016) Adaptive switched capacitor voltage boost for thermoelectric generation Buckner, Jessica Lynn (2016) Investigation of Ti-6Al-4V alloy response to atmospheric re-entry exposure Calderon, Ruben Israel (2016) Elucidating the molecular mechanism of action by which RS1-208b induces apoptosis in hematological cancers Camacho, Ileana Delgado (2016) Minimizing environmental impacts for hub and spoke distribution network problems through the use of multiobjective evolutionary algorithms Camacho Vivar, Susana B (2016) Matilde Ros Leaves the Jungle Campos, Darlene Priscilla (2016) Behind Mount Rushmore Cardenas James, Gerardo Alberto (2016) Assessing accuracies and improving efficiency for segmentation-based RNA secondary structure prediction methods Carre, Jessica Rose (2016) Making decisions affecting oneself versus others: The mediating effect of interpersonal closeness and dark triad traits Castanon, Carlos Alberto (2016) Collegiality among full-time professors in a Mexican university: Perceptions and challenges Castellanos, Alejandra G (2016) Through-thickness reinforcement for woven laminates Castillo Noris, Efrain Maximiliano (2016) Gravimetrically characterizable common alkali reducing agents and ligand design of a new electron rich guanidinate Catzin, Carlos Alberto (2016) Manufacturing and characterization of energetic materials Celis, Sergio (2016) Evidence of active rifts in the southwest United States using geophysical inversion of seismic data Cereceres, Patrick Anthony (2016) Treadmill-based perturbation training for preventing falls among young adults Cervantes, Fernando (2016) Blind image deconvolution based on sparsity: Theoretical justification and improvement of state-of-the-art techniques Chacon, Martin Christopher (2016) The characterization of a recombinant virophage integrase Chaidez, Mariana (2016) Structural design of liquid oxygen/liquid methane robotic lander JANUS Chalamasetty, Goutham Krishna (2016) Reliable and secure SCADA framework for residential microgrid communications Chavez, Mayra Consuelo (2016) Estimating air pollution concentrations using movesgenerated site-specific traffic emissions Cohen, Anthony Gus (2016) Orbic bards: Religious liberalism and the problems of representation in the postbellum works of Walt Whitman and Herman Melville Collins, Joe Dan (2016) Reconstructing Late Pleistocene and Holocene paleoenvironments using Playa-Lunette system sediments within the Harney Basin of southeastern Oregon, USA Contreras, Mayra J (2016) Materials characterization of deposits on starboard (inboard) elevon actuator shaft recovered from space shuttle Columbia Coronado, Dino Mario (2016) Teacher's sense of self efficacy and grit and its relationship to student achievement Crnkovic Padon, Daliborka (2016) Responding to writing fluency: An activity theory analysis of teacher preparation and practices Crowl, Robert Allen (2016) The man who took a breath Cuyler, Mishaw T (2016) Mental health help-seeking intention and organizational climate in a population of military service members Dankovich, Robin L (2016) A mixed methods investigation of the faculty teaching role: Values, intention, and practice De Hoyos, Diane N (2016) A novel approach for evaluating the impact of fixed variables on photovoltaic (PV) solar installations using enhanced meta data analysis among higher education institutions in the United States Delao, Frank Vasquez (2016) Containing communism in Texas: How the right in Texas interpreted the Cold War, 1945-1965 de la Torre, Martin Alexandro (2016) Characterization of high intensity turbulent flows through time resolved particle image velocimetry in a backward facing step combustor Delgado, Alberto (2016) Characterization in 2D sulfides and graphene composites for sensing applications Delgado, Armando (2016) Magnesium-based combustion synthesis of advanced materials for energy and space applications Delgado, Javier M (2016) Configuración y reconfiguración de la masculinidad en el espacio público.

El caso de Ciudad Juárez Del Hierro, Gustavo (2016) Strange rumblings in el chuco: Ruben Salazar writes for the “Prospector”,1947–48 & 1953–54 Deza Melgar, Giannina Mariana (2016) Los nueve reinos Diaz, Carlos Manuel (2016) Scalability improvements to NRLMOL for DFT calculations of large molecules Dou, Maowei (2016) Paper/polymer hybrid microfluidic biochips for infectious disease diagnosis Duarte Somoza, Missael (2016) La función discursiva de la antología de poesía centroamericana Puertas abiertas y la configuración del sujeto poético de la generación del ochenta Dulin, Cassandra Mollring (2016) Exploring the institutional and programmatic support systems in writing studies for the non-traditional student in California State universities Duong, Hong Kim (2016) CEO ownership and firm performance: Evidence from the 2003 Dividend Tax Cut Duran, Juan Alberto (2016) Structural, dielectric, and ferroelectric characterization of lead-free calcium-cerium co-doped Ba Ti O3 ceramics Edds, Grayson Thomas (2016) Living with a hero Esparza Hernandez, Alan A (2016) Combustion synthesis of mechanically activated molybdenum borosilicides for ultrahigh-temperature applications Esquivel, Maria Teresa (2016) Política educativa y cambio institucional en México: Un estudio interpretativo de una iniciativa de reforma en la educación superior Estrada, Edson F (2016) Effects of controlled-whole body vibration training in improving disability status and functional mobility among people with Multiple Sclerosis Everett, Andrea Lee (2016) Impacts of environmental changes to the middle Rio Grande landscape on Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo's cultural and ceremonial sustainability Fanning, William Carroll (2016) Investigating math students' ability to conceptualize fractions as two numerals having a single value Fernandez, Francisco (2016) The effects of bilingualism on auditory selective attention in normal-hearing adults Fisher-Stanton, Betty (2016) We who have never bled Fitzsimons, Francine (2016) Of mist and memory Flores, Gabriela L (2016) A high performance work practice scale: Validity and invariance across five cultures Flores, Mark David (2016) Damage tolerance and assessment of unidirectional carbon fiber composites: An experimental and numerical study Flores, Patricia (2016) Beyond namaste: Exploring the connection between yoga and interpersonal communication Fourzan, Judith Ann (2016) Rewriting, recapturing, reenvisioning: Writing assessment revisited in the hermeneutic "Sphere" Fox, Matthew Robert (2016) Sedimentologic and stratigraphic analysis of synrift siliciclastic fluvial and lacustrine strata in the Lower Cretaceous upper Yucca Formation, Indio Mountains, West Ttexas Frietze, Gabriel A (2016) The impact of stress on risk perceptions and risk behaviors Galey, Lucas Jonathan (2016) Development and initial testing of a low-cost, electronic, microprocessor-controlled prosthetic knee Galvan, Lorena (2016) Analysis of ell student reasoning about measures of center and variation: A triangulation of quantitative and qualitative data Garcia del Rivero, Daniela (2016) Gender and professionalization: Experiences of veterinary practice in Ciudad Juárez, México Garcia, Victor M (2016) A cracking methodology to assess fracture and fatigue properties of asphalt concrete mixtures using overlay tester Garcia, Yenni Alejandra (2016) Label-free quantitative proteomics reveals a novel SGTA/peroxiredoxin I complex that regulates androgen receptor activity Gomez Chavez, Juan Jose (2016) Yttria rich TBCs as candidates for CMAS resistant top coats Gonzalez Navarro, Paulina Elena (2016) New organosilicon chemistry Greco, Kara A (2016) Does knowledge of concussion symptoms influence an athlete's self-report of a history of concussion across gender and age?

": The Defining of Postfeminism in Keeping up with the Kardashians Haque, Mohammad Shafinul (2018) An Adaptive Creep Modeing Approach Using Metamodeling Hassan, Mahmudulla (2018) Deep Learning Models for Scoring Protein-ligand Interaction Energies Heiras, Nora Angelica Benavides (2018) Drug-war Violence, Mental Health, and Coping Mechanisms among Mexican-origin Women in El Paso, Texas Herman, Louis Aaron (2018) Writing Center Data Collection and Analysis: Creating a Survey System for Collecting Data and Communicating Effectiveness Hernández, Héctor.

Jr (2018) Examining Paths to Success by Assessing Performance of Undergraduate Pre-service Teachers on High-stakes Texas Examinations of Educator Standards Teacher Certification Exams Hernandez Rodriguez, Omar (2018) Geant4 Study of Protons - Tissue Interactions Hernandez, Saul (2018) At Night My Body Waits Herrera, Dyanne Giselle (2018) Regional Differences in Feto-infant Mortality in the U.

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