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After that please send us a report with subject "Video Player Problems" using the following link: screenshot attached. We are constantly working to keep our servers up to speed. In this case you need to enable cookies in your browser, also please doublecheck your password. How can I add an image into ABOUT ME section of my profile?

You can add images to About me section right from your Profile page. On profile edit page click Upload main photo, then click UPLOAD PHOTO or TAKE PHOTO, after that click Save button. Please note that if there is a solo male picture in the gallery, then the whole gallery will be changed to niche tag "Men".

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Once you have received and activated your card, make sure that CAM4 Crosscard is setup as your default payment option in your payment dashboard.

Fuck my ex apparently attended HS with this "woman" before he transitioned, she used to have a few other clips up on PH.

I see my copyrighted content on x Hamster, how can it be removed?

Locate About me section on your page, click Pencil icon to edit, then click Insert image icon. Same can be done by clicking your profile picture in the left top corner of the profile. Please avoid posting such images in the heterosexual galleries. We remove videos and photos that violate our Terms Of Service.

You can choose an image to upload, or you can add link to an x Hamster gallery. Never upload:- Copyrighted videos/photos or videos/photos for which you don't have the legal rights to post- Watermarked videos/photos (nobody likes them)- Videos/photos with shitting, pooping, etc.- Videos/photos involving animals- Videos/photos involving underage persons, also videos/photos with persons looking underage - Videos/photos with violence (rape or harm to body)- Incest videos/photos or videos/photos with incest related titles- Very bad quality videos/photos I've uploaded a video, and its status is "Conversion error". It means that your video codec was not recognized by our system, please convert the file into another format. We move men only videos to either "Men" or "Gays" in order to separate the content from "Straight/Heterosexual". Also, please don't upload solo male videos to the "Bisexual" channel.

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