Cannot dertermine if updating rss feed

You may still be able to add your RSS feed to the Author Page by using a feed management service, such as Feed Burner or a similar service.

Feed management services encounter fewer compatibility issues.

Feed subscriptions in your browser or reader software installed on your computer will be available only on the computer used to subscribe to the feeds.

(See the instructions for creating an RSS Feed for a Specific Search.) To create an RSS feed for all studies on Clinical, do not enter any words in the search boxes, click on Search or Search all studies (depending on which page you are on).

The process may be slightly different for other browsers.

Refer to your browser's help files for more information.

To practice subscribing to a feed for Recruiting studies on Huntington Disease using your browser, follow these steps: After you have subscribed, you can view the RSS feed at any time using the same browser.

The title of each feed item is the title of the study record that has been added or updated.

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