Cancer man dating sagittarius woman

How often have you come across two people who seem to get along so great at times, but right there in front of you, they change to a couple so vicious you are forced to think whether them getting together was a good idea after all? In fact, it is a general trend in Cancer compatibility.A Cancer person, apart from the signs that are most compatible with it, always tends to find one or two little things that make it come on very good terms with someone.In addition to that, if these people want to get it together, there is some hope.

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They would read the dessert section even when they don’t have to order dessert, while a Cancer would only go to the page they need to go to.

More often than not, the dates and elements do not conflict with each other.

However, in this case, where the zodiac elements are going in completely opposite directions, the Cancer dates tend to offer a ray of hope as there are just a few planets with their positions in harmony.

However, all of this is not very much appreciated by a Cancer who tends to be emotional as well as possessive, thus ending any prospects of zodiac compatibility between Cancer and Sagittarius.

Cancer compatibility also takes a hit in the field of emotions, taking this companionship one step closer to Sagittarius not being one of the Cancer compatible signs.

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