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Ogun State tourism is incomplete without the Hubert Ogunde Living History Museum and this could be one of Nigeria’s best museums yet. Photo by Guardian NG “What’s there to see in this museum? I was getting none of the details I was expecting but I was eager to visit with a small group of five TVP Adventures tourists.

” I asked my contact over the phone, after exchanging pleasantries. So, my expectations were at the barest minimum — perhaps there would be a few photos of his lifetime and a showcase of his barely preserved clothes and shoes.

At the museum, every single item has been painstakingly labelled and preserved for the public to learn from.

Some of his personal clothes hang on the wall as they would have if he were alive while others are folded neatly in a wooden wardrobe.

It is no surprise that Ogunde’s former home is tasteful and artistic without being flamboyant.

Beside the building is an old bus and a lorry — actual tour buses used by the Ogunde travelling theater with mega phones used to advertise as they drove through towns.

There are countless albums and magazines with dates as far back as the ’60s.

Old posters show that some of his plays cost 1 Pound and others cost 3 Naira; figures enough to evoke nostalgia. It was important that all his wives could perform because the troupe needed them as much as he did.

Every profession in his life —first church organist then teacher then police officer, would become useful in creating the dramatist that he was.

His cheek is punctured by a deep dimple and when he smiles, it deepens to reveal a gap in his front teeth. When he was born in 1916 in the obscure Ososa town founded by his grandfather, there was no way of foreseeing his journey to becoming the grandfather of Nigerian drama.

Despite only a total of seven years of formal primary education, he would eventually hone a command of English that exceeded university levels at that time.

The spacious bedroom opens up into two other rooms — one, a prayer room with enough chairs for him and his wives and floor space for his children, and the other room — a meditation room that allows breeze from the airy compound.

His expensive film equipment are carefully preserved in another room while there are at least three rooms containing props, costumes and detailing full scenes from some of his popular plays and films.

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