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Episodes were repeated on CTV's sister cable speciality network, Much Music, on Tuesdays at p.m.

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Meanwhile, Emma has trouble adjusting from high school to college when Manny and Liberty seem to be moving on without her. Mia's life begins to spiral out of control when her growing modeling career comes in the way of her schoolwork, her friends, and a potential relationship with Danny. in their gifted class and forms an unexpected friendship with him.

There was praise, however, that Riley is a departure from previous gay characters Marco Del Rossi, Alex Nuñez, and Dylan and Paige Michalchuck, in that he is confused about his sexuality, and unlike sweet and sensitive Marco, Riley is an alpha male jock who is very much in denial about himself.

Jamaican-Canadian screenwriter Annmarie Morais said of the Canadian television industry that Degrassi: The Next Generation is a prime example of a Canadian television series that has garnered international acclaim while maintaining a strong and realistic portrayal of life in Canada. formula or Beverly Hills 90210 formula; it's unique and it has a Canadian voice.

The TV movie follows the students during the winter break of the school year.

This list is by order of production, as they appear on the DVD, which is also the order they originally aired.

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