Are emma watson and jay barrymore dating

However, when it comes to actually dating people, she’s incredibly picky and unlike celebs like Taylor Swift (who channels every single emotion about her breakup into hit tracks), Watson is extremely good, even annoyingly so, at keeping her relationships private and often refuses to discuss her boyfriend’s in public.

Her decision to stay mum about the men in her life only makes the world more intrigued about who she spends her time with.

Her shyness to open up about her love life has always made her fans want to know more about who’s the lucky one to be dating the strong yet charming lady. But the one thing that has been a constant in all of her relationships is the secrecy.

And her type may surprise even the most hardcore fans because they are not men you would typically think of her being with.Being intelligent and witty, she’s an avid reader who’s outspoken about her thoughts on topics related to women welfare.But the same can’t be said for her dating life as the actress has never revealed anything about her relationship status.You can’t have it both ways.” She also keeps her love life out of the spotlight for the sake of her boyfriend, saying that part of any celebrity’s life can become part of the “performance and the circus” and that she would hate anyone she were with to feel as if they were “part of a show or an act.” Talk about wisdom and empathy!Watson is more than just a talented actress and a beautiful face, she is graceful, intelligent, and carries her self with elegance beyond her years.

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