Annie clark dating carrie brownstein

“No outline will ever hold us,” they sang together on the antsy “A New Wave,” a kind of tribute to the band itself.“It’s not a new wave, it’s just you and me.” Still, when they first started working on demos for the band’s new album, , Tucker and Brownstein began writing demos separately, each in her own home city—the first time in the band’s history this work had been done apart.Tucker, 46, has raised two children with her husband, the filmmaker Lance Bangs, and—aside from two records with her side project Corin Tucker Band and two more with the indie supergroup Filthy Friends—has maintained a relatively low profile living and working in Portland.Brownstein, 44, on the other hand, has become a bona fide hipster celebrity, thanks to her beloved sketch comedy show , that gulf between them seemed to have closed.On their records, whether the breakneck breakout , their riffs braid together like frayed but sturdy ropes.On this particular Wednesday in August, they’re not doing anything quite so grand—they’re just talking to me on the phone, from Brownstein’s home in Los Angeles.“As thoroughly bummed as I am about canceling the shows, I’m also incredibly thankful the accident wasn’t worse and so happy to be alive! “I am lucky my injuries will heal and I’ll be back at it in a couple months.” Tucker and Brownstein told me they have spoken with Weiss since the accident.

Everything aside, we’re hoping for a quick recovery.

Still, when listening to the new album it’s hard to shake the feeling that, sonically as well as aesthetically, Brownstein is more compatible with Clark’s overall vision.

(The two dated previously and remain friends.) “Can I Go On” in particular has the stark, latex sheen of St.

Vincent), a longtime Sleater-Kinney fan and first-time collaborator who produced the entire new record.

That narrative was a bit too convenient, if not subtly sexist—as the band pointed out in a recent profile, bringing Clark on to produce the record actually had been Weiss’s idea.

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