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We only have 1 office in Ukraine, it’s located in the city called Kharkov (can also be spelled as Kharkiv) and each Ukrainian girl who wants to join the agency has to personally come to our office for an interview.“Mordinson” Ukrainian marriage agency doesn’t accept email or phone applications because we want to personally meet every woman and make sure she is interested in serious relationship and is open to the idea of moving abroad should she meet the right man in the agency.The pictures of each lady in our database are as maximally close to the reality as possible, and all her hobbies and character’s description are precisely about her, not about anyone else.We have been working for long years now and we’ve contributed to the creation of hundreds of happy marriages!Annabel marriage agency lists more than 1,200 lonely Ukrainian women who would like to meet a reliable man to create a strong and loving family.They are completely serious about this and hope that they will be able to find bigger mutual understanding with a foreigner rather than with their fellow countrymen, as they already have been looking amongst the latter and did not succeed.“Mordinson” Ukrainian marriage agency is a family owned and operated service for the men from around the world and Ukrainian women interested in serious relationship and marriage.The agency began working back in 1999 and since then we helped dozens of men to meet and marry beautiful and genuine Ukrainian women.

We take pictures and Ultra High Definition videos of the ladies at our own studio.Please watch the video on our You Tube channel: Annabel marriage agency Professional matchmaking Let me introduce myself: I am Anna Chernenko, founder of marriage agency Annabel.I truly love my job and take person pleasure in seeing the results of my work.I always work in total honesty with all my clients. I offer trust to you, my client in finding the right match for your long term happiness and future bride.Please do not hesitate to contact me; I’m ready to answer all your questions. ONE MORE HAPPY COUPLE AND OFFICIALLY REGISTERED MARRIAGE IN ANNABEL AGENCY IN AUGUST 2019!!!

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