Andy baldwin dating rumors

I have been staying up later than normal too just so I can get to know you better.I wish you could be as open and confident as i say I Love You and I know in time you will say it, but I have only spoken with you for some days now and it's just a little too soon for me to think of falling for you but i am, I hope you understand.Andrew Am ok dear I miss you so, I was busy with work Andrew Welcome honey i have been waiting for you am so sorry earlier network here is poor Andrew Ok dear take care of yourself and remember that someone loves you so much Andrew Honey this is me i was blocked before due to security reasons Andrew Honey please come to me i miss you so much Andrew Honey please come to me, I miss you so much.

Geo-Location Information Country Ghana State/Region 01 City Accra Login Skype: b77661238 Full Name: Andrew Baldwin Gender: Male Language: English Location: United States Login Skype: h2595806 Full Name: Andrew Baldwin Location: United States Login Skype: m0000119 Full Name: Andrew Baldwin Language: English About me: Truthful and honest Andrew Hi sweet how are you?

He was an military navy officer, medical doctor, plastic surgeon with 2 high educations, 49 years old, from Brooklyn, NY. I informed his dad who said that he is in the middle of the war and cannot help his son, so please help him and send 1200 UK pounds (around 35) to son.

At this point I already understood that it was scam. Andrew as I know is 38 and not 49 as my beloved scammer.

I never thought that I was able to love anyone as much as I love you right now.

However, my love for you continues to grow, grows at the heart of my kingdom.

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