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When Demi Lovato started her career in Disney channel, we couldn’t get enough of the little-fringed beauty!

She had already acted before in ‘Barney and Friends’, but it was only in 2008 when she was recognized as a potentially successful Disney child actor.

Kenya – She loves this country because it has given her countless opportunities for charity work.

Even being such a young star, Demi has been seen donating quite a lot to causes close to her heart.

Here’s Demi in the cover art of her first single: Demi in ‘Camp Rock’ and ‘Camp Rock 2’ Career achievements: Demi Lovato had started small.

The album topped the charts in Billboard Top 100 and stayed there on number 9 for a pretty long time.

Her first movie was in the year 2008 and she acted for the movie ‘Camp Rock’.

Two of her relationships were in the spotlight, but for most of them, she has kept it under wraps. Demi started off by dating Jonathan Fryer way back in 20, she was seen with actor and singer Cody Liney.

In the year 2008-2009, she was dating ‘The Cab’ musician Alex De Leon.

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