Al pacino and diane keaton dating ryan tedder dating

‘I was really very taken with Al from the very beginning.

Our relationship was absolutely wonderful in some ways, but is he the love of my life? Woody was my twenties, Warren was my thirties and Al was borderline: late thirties/early forties.’ She adds a little wistfully: ‘I never see Al now.’ She still sees Beatty occasionally.

She is wearing black heels and black-and-white spotted socks that match her alternate black-on-white and white-on-black spotted nails. As a girl growing up in California, the daughter of Jack Hall, a real-estate broker, and his wife, Dorothy, an amateur photographer, Keaton had idolised Allen for years before moving to New York to study acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse and to moonlight at nightclubs with a singing act.

She met Allen when she auditioned for his stage production of Play It Again, Sam in 1968. ‘I wanted to be his girlfriend,’ she says bluntly today.

Millions of women around the world feel jealous for Diane Keaton as she dated three most eminent Hollywood heartthrobs at a different time.

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Though Keaton married none of them, each of these men played a big role in her life.

I can’t imagine marrying now, that’s not happening.

'I can imagine a companion, someone who says, “Good to see you, what’s going on? Although she came to terms with never marrying, she could never give up on having children. 'You have less time and you have to think about that.

He becomes a leitmotif of our conversation – she refers to him at least six times, always with warmth.

‘I still love him – there are some people who stay in your life and it matters and they are in for the long haul.

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